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NOTE: As per change in policy from the South Valley Sewer District - Pool houses and garages that have more than 1 sink and 1 water closet (toilet), will be assessed an additional impact fee.

When submitting commercial plans either complete building or T.I. build-outs - If plumbing will be part of the plans then an Isometric waste and vent plan must be submitted with the plans at plan submittal, or have the prior approval of the building department in writing

Building plans will not be accepted at front counter for building review until the site plan has been approved by the planning Dept. and Engineering and been signed.
The list of contractors that must be provided before permit can be issued must also include fire sprinkler contractors and associated fire alarm contractors.

When submitting a building permit for a commercial building or tenant build out you must submit plans to the sewer district for their review prior to submitting to us. We will not issue a permit until we have a letter stating that the sewer district has reviewed the project and approved the design. This is a mandatory requirement from the sewer district.

Site Plans must include:
  • Main level elevation, top of foundation, garage floor in relation to Back of curb elevation
  • Next up stream sewer manhole cover elevation
  • A drainage plan with set back dimensions and Grading away from house
  • A soils report prior to footing inspection

Exterior doors with landings other than concrete must show approved connections to the main structure. Plans that do not show rim board/ledger connections, including bays or pop outs that have decks or porches will not be accepted without engineering or code approved positive connection to the main structure. See R502.2.2

Commercial Plan Design
Commercial Tenant Improvements, remodels and new construction must meet all requirements Of ANSI 117.1 for ADA compliance, including egress, restrooms, kitchen - break room, counter top work spaces and both high - low drinking fountains unless expressly exempted by the Building code.

Plans submitted to the Building department must be of a uniform page size & ledgible. Plans must also be bound togehter to make a complete set. We will not accept plans that are printed on different sized sheets to make-up set for submittal.

It is incumbent on the designer to submit code compliant plans, the City will no longer continue re-redlining plans with the same deficiencies submitted after April 10, 2012, it is the designers responsibility to understand the code and proof read and edit and change plans after they have been notified of a deficiency.

Plans that are card filed will not be red-lined and will be rejected unless they are exactly like the originally reviewed and approved plans.

Hand written comments on plans will only be allowed on specific occasions pre-approved. The inspector in the field can't know when the comments were added or if they match what is on the copy of the approved plans at the City in a timely manner.

Plot plan must include:
  • Set backs per sub-division
  • Foot print of house & garage
  • Foot print of out buildings, sheds & utility buildings
  • Grading elevation - showing accurate drainage per code & City ordinances
NOTE: Permit will not be issued without all information above included and approved by Planning & Zoning, Building Dept.

When submitting plans the Manual J / load calc's must account for the basement whether or not it will be finished at time of permitting. Furnaces & A/C units will then be sized accordingly and only allowed to be up size to allowable code limits.

Due to problems associated with unstable soils, South Jordan City is requiring Soils Reports to be submitted with each application for permit. Sub-division soils reports will be accepted when they incorporate and address potential problems that affect the construction on each lot. All other lots must submit lot specific reports signed by a soils engineer.

New requirements for electrical to be provided on plans when submitted for review.
  1. Electrical load calculations as per Chapter 36 services 2012 I.R.C. and or Article 220 NEC-2011 Load Calculations
  2. Electrical panel schedule.
  3. Size and location of A/C disconnect, must be verified by Mechanical equipments requirements and documentation provided.
  4. Location or distance to required electrical outlet for A/C service.
These requirements need to be provided for clarification at plan review, to show code compliance on plans.

Submittals listed above are required now but will be deferred until plans are ready to be purchased as of April 1st.

As of May 1, 2010. these requirements will have to be part of the submittal package at the time of plan submittal, applications will not be accepted after that date without this included.

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Building Permit Application
Encroachment Permit for New Home Construction \ Residential Curb Cut
Owner/Builder Certification and Agreement to Comply with the Construction Trades Licensing Act
Special inspection and testing agreement
Residential Solar Photovoltaic System Plan Review Requirements

Commercial Plan Review Requirements
Commercial Plan Requirements
Requirements that must be met before submitting plans
      Special inspection and testing agreement
Special inspection requirements before permit will be issued
When a building permit is or is not required

Permit Application Checklists
Required plans and documents to be submitted with a Permit Application
      Single Family Dwelling
      Commercial buildings
      Basement Plans
      Commercial Tenant Improvement
      Detached Garages, Sheds, Barns, etc.

Quick Reference For Permit Requirements

Residential Building Permit Submission Checklist
Commercial Plan Checklist
Commercial Site Plan Checklist
Residential Conceptional Site Plan List
Residential Final Site Plan List
Residential Plan Checklist
Residential Preliminary Site Plan List
Check list for garages and sheds over 200 Square Feet
A complete Heat Load calc's (Manual J ), duct design ( Manual D)
City questionnaire Heat Load and Duct Design Requirements at Plan Submittal
US Postal Service- Mailbox Placement Requirements
Required Inspections
Residential Code information on Required Permits
Building Dept. Staff

Meter and Distribution Pipe Sizing
      Example of Meter and Distribution Pipe Sizing

South Jordan Building Dept.

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