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(Applications are also available at City Hall located at 1600 W. Towne Center Drive)

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Residential Facility Application
(Applications are also available at City Hall located at 1600 W. Towne Center Drive)

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Municipal Code
Title 5 - Business Licenses and Regulations
Title 17.98 - Home Occupations

Business License Application Procedure
Starting a New Business in South Jordan City - A helpful checklist to get you started!

  1. BUSINESS NAME - Decide on a name for your business and register it with the Utah State Department of Commerce. This may be done online at www.business.utah.gov/registration. This OneStop Online Business Registration site is a secure online service available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You may also reach the Department of Commerce by calling (877)526-3994.
  2. FEDERAL TAX ID # - You will need to get a Federal Tax ID number, also known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN). If you are a sole proprietor with no employees, your social security number can serve as your Federal Tax ID number. An Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number, is used to identify a business entity. This is a free service offered by the Internal Revenue Service. Go to www.irs.gov to apply for this number. You may also receive an EIN number through the OneStop Online Business Registration site.
  3. SALES TAX # - Contact the Utah State Tax Commission for a Sales Tax Number. They can answer all your questions on whether or not you will need a sales tax number.
    How do I get a sales tax number?
    You can apply online through Utah's OneStop Online Business Registration service or by mail using Form TC-69, Utah State Business and Tax Registration.
  4. STATE LICENSE (if applicable) - Department of Professional Licensing (DOPL) DOPL regulates over 60 occupations and professions. To determine if your occupation, profession, or business is regulated by the Department of Commerce, and DOPL in particular, please check this list. Phone: (801) 530-6628 Toll-Free: (866) 275-3675
  5. HEALTH DEPARTMENT (if applicable) - Salt Lake Valley Health Department Contact them to find out if you need Health Department approval.
    Non-food related - phone: (385) 468-3793
    Food related - phone: (385) 468-3845
    Utah Department of Agriculture and Food
    Phone: (801) 538-7159
  6. APPLICATION - Complete the City of South Jordan Business License Application. Submit the completed Business License Application to South Jordan City Hall. (Home Occupations must also submit the Home Occupation Questionnaire, signed Ordinance Agreement, mailing labels, sketch of the dwelling, and any other applicable attachments.) Pay the non-refundable fee. Incomplete applications CANNOT be accepted.
  7. If the Business License Application is approved through the application review process (Code 17.98.050) the Business License Official will prepare the business license and mail it, usually within 4-5 weeks of submission.
Additional Requirements for Home Occupation Business License Applications

Home occupation means any income-producing use conducted within a dwelling unit by persons residing in the dwelling unit, and which use is clearly incidental, secondary, and compatible to the residential use of the building. In general, a home occupation is an accessory use so located and conducted that neighbors, under normal conditions, will not be significantly affected by its existence, and provided further that all conditions of Section 17.98 of this Title are satisfied (Municipal Code 17.08.020).

Additional REQUIRED information for Home Occupations:
  • Complete the Home Occupation Questionnaire
  • Read and sign the Home Occupation Ordinance Agreement 17.98
  • Provide a sketch or copy of the floor plan of the dwelling and note the area to be devoted to the home occupation. Include dimensions of the dwelling as well as dimensions of the area that will be devoted to the home occupation. Include the total square footage of the dwelling , as well as the total square footage of the area devoted to the home occupation.
  • City Ordinance 17.98.040 (I) requires that property owners within 300' of the lot or parcel on which the home occupation is proposed be notified of the business. The City's Business License Official will mail a letter notifying these property owners. However, the license applicant must provide the mailing labels. For an additional fee, the mailing labels can be printed at the City offices by a City official. The labels are also available from the Salt Lake County Recorder's office located in the Salt Lake County Building, 2001 S. State St. #N1600, Salt Lake City, UT (801)468-3391. Please note the Recorder's office charges a fee for the labels. Mailing labels from the County Recorder's office or those printed at the City offices by a City official are the ONLY labels that will be accepted. ALL Home Occupation Business License applications are required to submit mailing labels. Property owners within 300 feet of your residence are allowed 14 days of the notice mailing to object to the proposed business. If there are objections, the license will be denied and the applicant may appeal the denial at a public hearing before the Planning Commission (see appeal process in the Home Occupation Ordinance Agreement).
Home Daycare/Preschool Business License Application Procedure

Complete the Business License Application Procedure as well as the Additional Requirements for Home Occupation Business License Applications.
Include the following information with your application:
  • Daycare:
    • The number of children (including your own), as well as their ages, that will be coming to the home.
      Note: City ordinance will only allow a maximum of 12 children (including own children). However, more than 6 children will require a CUP (conditional use permit). For information and to apply for a CUP please contact the Planning Department.
    • Copy of State of Utah daycare license. http://health.utah.gov/licensing
  • Preschool:
    • The number of children, as well as their ages, that will be coming to the home.
      Note: Students' ages shall be three (3), four (4), or five (5) years old. City ordinance will only allow a maximum of twelve (12) children (including own children). However, more than six (6) children will require a CUP (conditional use permit). For information and to apply for a CUP please contact the Planning Department.
    • The number of sessions per day (max 2), number of sessions per week (max 4), and session times (max 3 hours).
Home Daycare/Preschool must:
  • have two separate egress
  • protect against hot surfaces
  • have portable fire extinguisher on each level occupied by children
  • have smoke detector in good operating condition on each level occupied by children
  • conduct a quarterly evacuation plan (fire drill).
If you have additional questions regarding your home daycare or preschool, please contact the South Jordan City Fire Marshall or the Planning Department at (801)254-3742.

Additional Information
Zoning Quick Reference Guides FAQ

Q: How quickly can I get my business license?

A: Once submitted, the business license application will be distributed to all required departments for approval. Typically the business license review process and approval can take up to or more than four (4) weeks. Home occupation business license applications can take longer, as the property owners are allowed a full 14 days to respond to the notice mailed to them.

Q: Do all Home Occupation Business License Applications have to submit the mailing labels, even if there is no traffic to the home?

A: Yes. City Code states:
17.98.050: The city business licensing office shall mail a written notice in accordance with provisions of this title, with the exception that a public hearing will not initially be required, informing the neighboring property owners of the proposed home occupation. The applicant is required to provide a second mailing only if a hearing is necessary. The community development department and other city departments will review the home occupation business license application and may approve the application if all requirements are met and if no objections have been filed within fourteen (14) days of the mailing. (Ord. 2007-02, 1-16-2007)

Q: What if my Home Occupation Business License application is denied?

A: If a Home Occupation Business License application is denied, the denial can be appealed. City Code states:
17.98.060: The applicant or an affected neighbor may appeal staff's decision for a public hearing before the planning commission within fourteen (14) days of the decision rendered by staff. The decision of the planning commission may be appealed to the city council within fourteen (14) days of the planning commission decision. Costs of notification for the planning commission and/or city council meetings shall be borne by the appellant. The planning commission or city council may place conditions on the approval of the home occupation business license application pertaining to the conduct of the business, subject to chapter 17.84 of this title. (Ord. 2007-02, 1-16-2007)

Q: If I have applied for a business license can I conduct business while I wait for the license to be approved?

A: No. City Code states:
5.04.050: It is unlawful for any person to transact or carry on any business, trade, profession or calling, within the city for which a license is required, without first procuring a license required by this title. (Prior code 6.04.020)

Q: How long is my business license good for?

A: Most business licenses are valid for one year from the date of application, after which time they can be renewed.

Q: How can I renew my business license?

A: Business licenses can be renewed in several different ways:
  • Online at http://www.sjc.utah.gov/business.asp
  • By mail. Mail renewal with payment to South Jordan Business Licensing, 1600 W. Towne Center Drive, South Jordan, UT 84095
  • In person at City Hall located at 1600 W. Towne Center Drive.

Q: Can I renew my business license by phone?

A: Unfortunately, no. The signed renewal form (or online agreement) must accompany the renewal payment.

Q: I didn't receive a renewal notice for my business license. Do I still have to pay the late fee?

A: Yes. Regardless of receipt of the renewal notice the business is responsible to maintain a valid City business license.

Q: What if I operate my business without a business license?

A: Any business owner operating without a valid City business license shall be deemed guilty of a class B misdemeanor.

Q: I am moving my business from one location in South Jordan to another location in South Jordan. Do I need to obtain a new business license for the new address?

A: Yes. When a business license is issued, it is issued to the address provided on the application. Moving to a new location requires a new license. Therefore, completion of the Business License Application is required for the new location in order to obtain a valid business license.

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