Construction Projects – South Jordan

Construction Projects

Purpose: Street maintenance and preservation treatment.

Duration: July 8-16, 2019

Location: Jordan Heights and Cottages at the North District (See maps below)

Impacts: Although this treatment is going on residential streets this treatment requires a full 24 hr complete closure of the road section being treated. The contractor to hand out notices door to door for this project.

Funding: Class C Funds (Gas tax money)

Maps & Images:

Sub Division 1
Sub Division 2
Mulligans Parking Lot

Purpose: Addition of northbound right turn lane (by America First Bank).

Duration: The construction is expected to start end of the August and last until the middle of October 2019.

Location: River Heights and South Jordan Parkway

Funding: Salt Lake County

Impact: Minor traffic on collector roads, potential for hazards, daytime noise

Images & Maps:

Purpose: Installation of a 12-in PVC waterline to replace existing transite pipe from Dunsinane Drive to 4800 W.

Duration: The project is expected to start at the end of August 2019.

Impact: Some traffic delays on minor collector roads, potential for hazards, daytime noise

Funding: Culinary Water Fund


Purpose: Replace transite pipeline with new PVC pipeline

Duration: Should be finished by mid-September 2019

Location: Bonanza Circle

Impacts: Minor traffic issues, potential hazards, daytime noise

Funding: Water fund

Maps & Images:

Purpose: To construct 6 new pickleball courts, install restrooms and upgrade the pavilion at City Park

Duration: Completion scheduled for November 2019

Location: City Park

Impacts: The construction areas are fenced, so the pavilion and existing playground are not available for use.

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