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Subdivision Zoning List

For definitions and purposes of the specifice Zone classifications, refer to Title 17 of the Municipal Code

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Subdivision Names Zone
Alexander Place R-1.8
Allred Subdivision R-2.5
Arlington Hills R-1.8
Arbors RM-6
Arcadia Meadows R-2.5
Ascott Downs R-3
Ashford Accers R-1.8
Aspen Crest R-1.8
Autum Leaf RM-5
Autum View Estates R-1.8
Bailey Estates R-1.8
Bear Creek Estates R-2.5
Beckstead Estates #1-3 R-3
Beckstead Hollow R-1.8
Beckstead Park R-1.8
Beverly Estates R-3
Bison Ridge R-1.8
Bonanza Acres #1,3,4 R-2.5
Borg's Mt. View Estates #1,3,4 R-2.5
Brooklyn Meadows R-3
Burkhart Estates R-1.8
Brinkerhoff R-1.8
Cameron Estates R-2.5
Cannon Park R-2.5
Canterwood Park #1-3 R-1.8
Canterwood Park #4 R-2.5
Capitol Estates R-3
Carriage Place R-2.5
Charter Point #1, 2 R-2.5
Charter Point #4 R-1.8
Chateau Flats R-2.5
Chattel Estates 1-5 R-1.8
Cherry Hill R-2.5
City Lights R-1.8
Clover Hills R-1.8
Clover Ridge R-1.8
Collard Miner R-1.8
Cornerstone Condos R-M
Cottages @ Temple View MU - Ngate
Cottages @ The N. Dist.-Ph1 BH-MU
Cottages @ The N. Dist.-Ph 2-5 BH-MU
Country Cove R-1.8
Country Crossing #1-5 R-2.5
Country Park R-1.8
Country Park Estates R-1.8
Country Roads R-1.8
Country View R-M
Cove Estates R-1.8
Crabapple Cove R-1.8
Creek Ridge R-2.5
Crescentridge Estates R-1.8
Crystal Cove  RM-6
Day Springs R-2.5
Daybreak P-C
Dusty Downs R-1.8
Dutch Hill Phase 1 R-4
East Jordan Meadows R-1.8
Eddie Nelson R-1.8
Eden View R-2.5
Elk Meadows R-2.5
Elk Run R-3
Equestrian Estates R-1.8
Featherwood R-1.8
Ford Subdivision R-1.8
Fruitwood Heights R-2.5
Garden Grove R-2.5
Georgetown Meadows R-1.8
Gines Lot Split R-2.5
Glenmoor (east of 4000 w.) R-1.8
Glenmoor (west of 4000 w.) R-3
Glenmoor Hills R-3
Grove Haven R-1.8
Groves Subdivision R-2.5
Harvest Crossing RM-4
Hearthstone R-2.5
Heatherwood Estates R-2.5
Heatherwood Village R-5
Heritage Heights R-1.8
Hiddden Cove R-2.5
Hidden Spring Cove R-2.5
Hidden Village PUD   
Hidden Village PUD AMENDED Redwood Road MU-Historic
High Point PUD Phase 1 RM-5
High Point PUD Phase 3-7 RM-6
High Ridge Estates R-1.8
Holland Park R-3
Homestead @22nd St. R-2.5
Homestretch Vista R-2.5
Hunters Creek RM-4
Hunter Meadows R-2.5
Ivory Crossings R-2.5
Ivory Crossings  R-2.5
Jackson Downs R-2.5
Jacobsen R-2.5
Johanson R-1.8
Jones Farm 1 R-2.5
Jones Farm 2 & 3 R-2.5
Jones Farm West  R-2.5
Jones Meadow R-2.5
Jordan Meadows R-2.5
Jordan Commons R-2.5
Jordan Farms R-1.8
Jordan Haven 1,2 R-2.5
Jordan Haven 3 R-3
Jordan Heights 1,2 R-3
Jordan Heights 3 RM-6
Jordan Heights 4 R-3
Jordan Hills R-1.8
Jordan Ridge Estates R-2.5
Jordan River Estates R-2.5
Kelsea Cove R-2.5
Kodiac Creek R-1.8
Koradine Cove R-1.8
King Benjamine Court R-2.5
L.K.C. Development R-1.8
Lampton Farms R-1.8
Lawrence Estates R-1.8
Leavitt Acers A-1
Liberty Creek R-3
Lincoln Estates R-2.5
LKC Jordan View R-2.5
Long Shot Estates R-1.8
Lucas Dell R-2.5
Lucas Hills R-2.5
Lucas Meadows R-2.5
Lucas Ridge R-2.5
Mabey Sub R-2.5
Mac's Place R-3
Majestic Heights 1 R-1.8
Majestic Heights 2 R-2.5
Martin Pease R-1.8
Maxfield R-3
McKee Farms R-1.8
McKee Ridge 1 & 2 R-2.5
McKee Ridge 3 R-2.5
McKinley Estates R-1.8
Meadow Lane R-1.8
Meadow Moore R-2.5
Merced Estates 2 R-1.8
Meridian Point R-2.5
Midas Creek R-2.5
Moser Farms R-2.5
Mt. Farms #1,2 R-2.5
Mt. Farms #3 R-1.8
Mt. Jordan View Estates R-2.5
Mt. View Estates R-M
Nelson Farms  R-2.5
Oak Hills PUD R-3
Oak Ridge Estates R-1.8
Oquirrh Park #2 & 4 condos R-M
Oquirrah Park 3  R-3
Oquirrh Park 3B RM-5
Oquirrh Park 4 3B R-M
Osborne R-1.8
Palmer Demill R-M
Palmer Vista Estates R-2.5
Palomino Cove R-2.5
Park Place West R-2.5
Parkway Palisades R-1.8
Peach Blossom R-M
Petersen Place PUD Phase 1 R-3
Pine Meadows R-2.5
Platinum Fields R-2.5
Plum Blossom R-4
Powell Estates R-1.8
Prospector Place    R-2.5
Quail Brook R-2.5
Quail Run @ South Point R-2.5
Quinella Park R-2.5
Reber Minor R-1.8
Reeves  R-1.8
Regencty Place R-2.5
Reunion Orchard/Glen RM-5
Reunion Village R-M
The Ridge R-1.8
Ridgecrest Estates R-2.5
Rivercrest R-2.5
Royal Meadows 1 & 2 R-1.8
Royal Tea R-1.8
Sand Dunes Condos RM-8
Sand Dunes 1-3 RM-6
Santorini Vill-Single Family (101-108 & 201-210) VMU
Santorini Vill-SF Cottage (109-116, 129-136, 211-226, 242-246) VMU
Santorini Vill-SF Cluster (117-128, 227-241) VMU
Shaleah Estates R-1.8
Shelbrooke R-2.5
Sherwood Manor R-2.5
Shire Ridge Estates (formally known as River Ridge Estates) R-2.5
SJ High Pointe Phase 1 RM-5
SJ High Pointe Phase 3-6 RM-6
SJ High Pointe 7 RM-5
Snow Estates R-2.5
South Field Estates R-1.8
South Jordan Estates #1,2,3 R-1.8
South Jordan Heights R-1.8
South Meadow Estates R-2.5
South Point R-2.5
South Ridge R-2.5
South Ridge Fairways #1,2,3,4 R-3
Southwood Manor R-1.8
Spring Flowers R-2.5
Springfield R-2.5
Springhill #1 R-1.8
Springhill #2 R-2.5
Spruces R-2.5
Sterling River R-2.5
Sterline Village Gables  
Sterline Village Villas C-F
Stone Haven at Mabey Lane R-3
Summer Meadow R-2.5
Sunset Ranch R-2.5
Sunstone Village 1-3 R-3
Sunstone Village 4 PC
Sycamore Ridge R-1.8
Tara Woods R-1.8
Temple Cove Estates R-2.5
Temple Shadows R-2.5
Temple View Estates R-2.5
Temple Vista Village RM-6
Terzo R-1.8
Thanxton Acres R-1.8
Torrey Pines A-1
Towne Meadows R-M
Triple Crown Estates R-1.8
Van Otten Estates R-1.8
Van Ross Estates R-1.8
Village @ Riverwalk R-2.5
Village @ Riverwalk  RM-4
Vista Farms R-1.8
Vista View Estates R-2.5
Wasatch Downs R-2.5
Wasatch Meadows South R-3
Welby Estates R-3
West River Estates A, B & C R-1.8
Wheadon Estates R-1.8
Whipsering Sands #3 R-2.5
Whipsering Sands #1,2 R-1.8
Wilshire Estates R-2.5
Willard Cove R-1.8
Winter Creek R-2.5
Windsor Manor Estates R-1.8
Witherspoon Estates R-2.5
Wood Creek Estates 1-2 R-3
Wood Ranch 1-5 R-3
Woodridge Estates R-3
Worth's Mt. View Estates R-2.5
Wright Estates R-2.5
Wright Place R-2.5
Wyngate PUD RM-8
Y Worry Estates R-1.8

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