RMP South Jordan to Draper Line Upgrade – South Jordan

RMP South Jordan to Draper Line Upgrade

The public documents posted on this webpage are part of Rocky Mountain Power’s application: MP2018007552 – South Jordan to Draper Transmission Upgrade. These documents are posted because of residents’ interest in the application and are intended as a courtesy to interested residents. The posting of these public documents does not constitute an official statement or legal representation about the application. The City may receive additional public documents and information as part of the application. Any updates to the application will be posted on this webpage.

This application is not currently scheduled for consideration by the Planning Commission, and has not been placed on a Planning Commission agenda. The City anticipates, but does not guarantee, that the application will be ready for Planning Commission review sometime during the first few months of 2019. Residents within 300 feet of the existing transmission line will be mailed a notice at least ten days before the Planning Commission’s public hearing.