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headshot-jeff-carrChief of Police
Jeff Carr

headshot-jason-knightDeputy Chief of Police
Jason Knight

Rob Hansen

Matt Pennington


Provide professional police services through engaged community partnerships consistent with the values of South Jordan City.


As the new Chief of Police for the City of South Jordan, I first want to thank retired Chief Lindsay Shepherd for the many years of dedicated service to the citizens of South Jordan. It is my hope that we may build upon successes of the past as we manage the policing of this growing, dynamic, and vibrant city.

In 2015, the South Jordan Police Department adopted a new vision and mission statement. Our vision for South Jordan is incorporated into just three words, “a safe community.” You already know if you live or work in South Jordan; you live in a great place that is very safe. We hope those three words continually remind us of our charge to ensure the safety of our community.

If our vision is like the horizon and where we want to go, our mission is the path to get there. Our new mission statement is to “provide professional police services, through engaged community partnerships, consistent with the values of South Jordan City.” The most important part of the mission statement is engaged community partnerships. Communities should always demand their police department be engaged as full partners with them in the public safety mission. It is extremely important to our department to work with the community to find solutions to the problems we face. Our safety and security is the responsibility of the entire community.

In 2015 the police department also adopted four core values; Character, Competence, Trust, and Transparency. These core values remind department personnel of the protective guardrails we use to ensure we stay properly focused for our mission as we service the community.

With these guiding principles in place, our community policing philosophy was modified. Instead of having a community policing unit with a small number of officers, I asked all officers to have a community policing mindset. We instituted a beat system that assigned teams of officers to specific areas within the city and we asked them to become problem solvers. We hope that by working with the community proactively to identify and combat persistent criminal and community problems, that the city as a whole is brought closer together and strengthened. When we all recognize our responsibility to help make the city as safe as possible, we will realize the goal of making south Jordan the best it can be.

-Jeff Carr
Police Chief

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