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Fireworks Law & Safety Tips

Click here to read Resolution R2019-14

If you see illegal fireworks being discharged in the restricted areas below, please notify the South Jordan Police Department at (801) 840-4000.

Safety Tips: Protecting Your Home

Creating defensible space is clearing or modifying the vegetation around your home to reduce fire threat. Defensible space could be your properly-maintained backyard, but another property owner may need to provide 200 feet of defensible space around their property depending on whether they have tall trees, structures, etc. The first 30 feet around your home is the primary ignition zone. Making sure you clear the vegetation around your home provides our firefighters  with a safe place to defend your home from approaching wildland fire.

    1. Remove dead and dying debris – This is especially important in places that it piles up like gutters, planters, and ditches.
    2. Store wood at least 20 feet away from your home – You can also completely cover it to protect it from blowing sparks and embers.
    3. Properly maintain plants in the area – This includes pruning, removing dead and dying materials, and keeping them well watered and green.

Prohibited Fireworks in Utah

Firecrackers Re-loadable aerial shell rocket Bottle rocket
Cannon Cracker Aerial Salute Roman Candle
Ground Salute Flash Shell Rocket mounted on a wire stick
M-80 Comet Any device containing a rocket
Cherry Bomb Cake containing more than 500 grams of pyrotechnic composition Single shot
Skyrocket Mine Missile Rocket

Fireworks Restrictions for Bingham Creek Area

This holiday season of July the South Jordan Fire Department would like to remind our residents of the increase fire risk around the Bingham Creek firework restricted area.  Due to the high fire danger, State law and City Ordinance prohibited the use of fireworks within 200’ of the Bingham Creek trail and open space area boundaries.

Outside of the Bingham Creek boundary, it is important to use caution when using fireworks:

  • Aerial fireworks are designed to travel up to 150 feet into the air and then explode.
  • Fireworks should be placed on a hard level surface outdoors, in a clear and open area prior to ignition.
  • Anyone under the age of 16 should not handle or operate aerial fireworks.
  • Ignition of aerial fireworks shall be a minimum of 30 feet from any structure or vertical obstruction.
  • Keep a water source or bucket of water nearby in the event of an emergency
  • Sparklers can be deceiving, they can burn up to 1200 degrees F and can cause serious burn injuries.

Class “C” fireworks can be sold from June 24th through July 25th

  • Fireworks purchased within Utah are permitted for use
  • Other aerial type fireworks, firecrackers, M-80’s, bottle rockets, roman candles are illegal in the State of Utah.

Discharge dates and times:

July 2nd – July 5th                 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

July 22nd – July 25th                        11:00 am to 11:00 pm

July 4th and July 24th                      11:00 am to Midnight

Maps of Restricted Areas