Batting Cages

Mulligans is the place for you if your baseball swing needs some attention. We operate eight batting cages with a variety of pitching speeds for both softball and hardball enthusiasts. We have three little league cages for those aspiring youth, each with a different pitching speed. We have two slowpitch and one fastpitch softball; and two adult hardball machines, one fast and one very fast.

Batting Cage Prices

Our batting cages are operated by batting tokens that can be purchased in Mulligans pro shop. Punch passes are available at a discount for those wishing multiple tokens at a discounted rate. Bats are available for rent, or customers may bring their own. Batting helmets are required and provided for all batters at no charge. Reservations are not necessary.

  • One Token (20 pitches) - $2
  • Bat Pass Punch Card (15 tokens) - $26 (savings of $4)
  • Bat Rental - $1


Batting cages are closed in the winter months. Batting cages will also be closed with any rain or high winds. Dates of closure are dependent on weather conditions.