Parks & Trails

South Jordan has more than 35 city parks, 2 county parks, more than 9 miles of trails, 3 fishing ponds, 250 acres of natural open space and boasts a variety of recreational fields and courts throughout the city. Providing a variety of parks and open space is among one of the City’s top strategic initiatives.

Having a strong offering of parks, boosts the local economy by drawing visitors from other places for league play, assists in the city’s goal to minimize negative effects on the environment, and supports the habitation and of wildlife throughout the community.

Three Pillars of Parks & Recreation

The parks in South Jordan continually meet the three pillars of parks and recreation:

  1. Social Equity, by providing a fun, safe environment for people to interact with each other
  2. Health & Wellness through the high number of city recreation programs and outdoor trails and spaces residents can recreate and regenerate
  3. Conservation, through the mitigation and protection of existing wetland projects, and the creation of new areas where residents can learn more about the unique ecosystems and wildlife habitats in the city.