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The South Jordan Police Department offers a variety of specialties. Throughout your career you will have the opportunity to specialize and receive training in multiple areas, including opportunities of advancement and leadership.

UAV Operator - Aerial view from a drone of a busy intersection
2 UAV pilots preparing ATOL aircraft for flight
  • Top municipal drone program in Utah
  • Provides aerial support during incidents
  • Traffic accident reconstruction
  • Provide safe operation intelligence using interior drones
  • Search and Rescue
Detective - Detectives hands dusting for fingerprint
Detectives working on a case in the office by sorting through information and papers
  • Case development
  • Crime scene processing
  • On-going investigations
  • Management of confidential informants
  • Interviewing of suspects, victims & witnesses
  • Warrant preparation
  • Surveillance
  • Caseload management
K9 Handler - Officer and K9 searching for drugs outside a vehicle
Officer and k9 inspect vehicle for drugs
  • Deploy police service dog in order to apprehend criminals and detect narcotics
  • Participate in ongoing training of police service dog
  • Provide primary care for police service dog
  • Provide other department members in the handling, training and deployment of police service dog
SWAT Operator - SWAT Clearing a room
swat team clearing a school locker room
  • Respond to high risk or high threat situations
  • Gather intelligence
  • Develop a mission concept
  • Prepare briefing documents
  • Use specialized equipment and techniques in the performance of tactical operations

School Resource - Desk in a school with kids sitting in class
DARE Class with School Resource Officer teaching students
  • Manage criminal investigations within the school
  • Coordinate and manage educational assemblies within the school
  • Teach various classes
  • Work as a liaison between the police department and school
  • Manage juvenile case load
  • Assist in summertime juvenile enforcement and education program

Motor Officer - riding a motorcycle
Motor Officer enforcing speeding using speed Lidar
  • Operate a police motorcycle
  • Conduct traffic enforcement
  • Participate in the multi-agency crash investigation team
  • Traffic incident investigation
  • Manage traffic related caseload
  • Attend special events