Car Wash Fundraisers

Guidelines for Car Washes

Car washes are a great way to raise money for your organization, but please follow these guidelines to help protect our communities’ waterways.

  • Use only non-toxic, phosphate-free, or biodegradable soap
  • If possible find a large grassy area to drive the cars onto to drain water instead of the storm drain system
  • Wring sponges and rags into a bucket not onto the ground and empty the bucket into a sink or toilet

Car Wash Vendors

Alternatively, Why not let a commercial car wash host the event, do the work and you keep the proceeds for your good cause?

Connect with a car wash vendor for more information or call the contact person listed for each car wash. Please note that the car wash vendors listed on this site determine the terms and conditions necessary for hosting a fundraising/charity car wash and may vary from car wash business.