Museum Mashup

Every month we provide a free craft kit for families to pick up at the museum or download online. These crafts are perfect for preschool and K-3 learners. Each month features a new seasonal craft with educational content. Visit our main page to learn more about the current craft.

Museum Mashup is funded by a generous Zoo, Arts, & Parks grant. Thank you!


Gale Center tours are free! Please email our curator to schedule a time and plan a tour that will best fit your group. 

To ensure all of our visitors have a good experience, we limit our tours and organized groups to 20 visitors. For youth and preschool groups, this includes at least 3 chaperones. If your group exceeds 20, feel free to reach out to us about the potential for arranging a schedule of tour sessions to accommodate your organization.

Many of our exhibits are hands-on. Tour groups can visit a historic classroom, shop for produce at the local Service Station, or hang laundry in the Beckstead Farmhouse. Our museum features lots of seating areas and space for strollers and wheelchairs. We have experience working with lots of groups, including:

  • Preschool classes
  • Children and teens
  • Seniors
  • Sensory sensitive groups

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