South Jordan Wattsmart Energy Plan

The City of South Jordan recognizes the importance of sustainable growth, especially as the City continues to be one of the fastest growing communities in the state of Utah. Early in 2021 the City partnered with Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) to implement a Wattsmart Communities program. The Wattsmart Communities program helps communities plan for the future by 1) engaging the community; 2) developing a community energy profile; 3) establishing a vision, focus areas, and goals; and 4) implementing a community energy plan. Over the course of the year, elected officials, City staff, and key community stakeholders developed an Energy Action Plan tailored specifically for the City of South Jordan. Read the full plan linked below.

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Our Energy Vision

South Jordan will promote clean and efficient energy use to help build a healthy and sustainable community.

Key Values

Based on the community survey and the feedback from stakeholders, the following key values were identified:

  • Keep utility costs affordable
  • Improve air quality
  • Support sustainable economic development

Estimated Plan Impact

Based on the strategies identified in the plan and historic community energy data, the expected impacts of this plan by the end of 2023 are shown below.

  • 1,995,999 kWh in Annual Electric Energy Savings
  • $193,000 in Annual Electric Cost Savings
  • 11,800 New Electric Vehicles in Salt Lake County
  • 1 New Sustainable Business Program

How Can I Save?

South Jordan has set the ambitious goal of encouraging residents and businesses to save 1.9 million kilowatt hours and $193,000 in electricity costs each year. Are you in? Participate in one of Rocky Mountain Power's programs to save energy—and money!

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Residential Energy Savings Programs

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Business Energy Savings Programs

How Will We Get There?

How will South Jordan reach its energy savings goals? Here’s what the City is doing to promote clean and efficient energy use to build a healthy and sustainable community.

  1. Community Outreach Strategies
  2. Public Entity Strategies

Community Outreach Strategies

These strategies are designed to encourage residents and businesses throughout the community to take action to improve energy efficiency or use clean energy in their homes or business.

Strategy 1: Quarterly Residential Outreach

Provide residents with information about ways they can improve the energy efficiency of their homes and reduce their air quality impact along with relevant available resources.

Strategy 2: Business Recognition Campaign

Coordinate with the Chamber to recognize businesses that are implementing energy efficiency, renewable energy, or electrification measures and provide information on how other businesses could do the same including available incentives.

Strategy 3: Identify Partners for a Workforce Development Program

Discuss interest in an energy workforce development program with potential partners.

How Are We Measuring Up?

Explore the data below on energy conservation and use in South Jordan City.