Energy Action Plan

South Jordan City's Energy Action Plan

The City of South Jordan recognizes the importance of sustainable growth, especially as the City continues to be one of the fastest growing communities in the state of Utah. Sustainable growth continues to be one of the City’s key strategic priorities. City leaders are committed to implement effective policies and programs that ensure the accomplishment of the City’s Strategic and General Plans and their related goals and objectives. One of the essential strategic goals is to create and support environmentally sustainable programs, specifically related to energy conservation and improving air quality. Early in 2021 the City partnered with Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) to implement a Wattsmart Communities program. The Wattsmart Communities program helps communities plan for the future by 1) engaging the community; 2) developing a community energy profile; 3) establishing a vision, focus areas and goals; and 4) implementing a community energy plan. Over the course of the year, elected officials, City staff and key community stakeholders developed an Energy Action Plan tailored specifically for the City of South Jordan. The key outcomes of this planning process are outlined below as well as more information on how to get involved.

Our Energy Vision

To better understand the community priorities for our energy future, a public poll was conducted asking residents about their vision for South Jordan’s energy future, their priorities, and energy actions they have taken or would like to take in their homes. Our project stakeholders, which included city staff and community partners, used this information to develop the following energy vision to guide the development of this plan. This energy vision is consistent with the City’s strategic priority of sustainable growth.

South Jordan will promote clean and efficient energy use to help build a healthy and sustainable community.

Key Values

Based on the community survey and the feedback from workshop stakeholders, the following key values were identified, and the strategies developed during the planning process were designed to promote these values as we build a healthy and sustainable community. The priority strategies identified to be implemented over the next 2 years are listed on the next page.

  • Keep utility costs affordable
  • Improve air quality
  • Support sustainable economic development

Estimated Plan Impact

Based on the strategies identified in the plan and historic community energy data, the expected impacts of this plan by the end of 2023 are shown below.

  • 1,995,999 kWh in Annual Electric Energy Savings
  • $193,000 in Annual Electric Cost Savings
  • 11,800 New Electric Vehicles in Salt Lake County
  • 1 New Sustainable Business Program