Parade Entry Application

Parade Entry Application

  1. Parade Guidelines, Terms & Considerations

    Parade Date & Time: June 4, 2022, 9:00 am SHARP

    *$25 late fee on all applications after May 2nd*

    South Jordan City welcomes you to the annual Summerfest celebration--a favorite among participants and residents alike. Please take a moment to read the following entry form information.

    Complete the attached entry form and submit before or on the May 2nd deadline to avoid the late fee. Please also read and be familiar with the parade rules and regulations, also attached. Thank you!

    No applications will be accepted after May 16th (after May 2nd, a $25 late fee will be required).

    This year’s parade will be limited to the first 100 entries.

    Each entry is limited to 4 motorized vehicles. Drivers of motorized vehicles must have valid Utah driver’s licenses.

    The parade will begin at 9:00 a.m. SHARP. The earliest staging time will begin at 7:15 a.m. on 2200 W. (2200 W & 10900 S). All entries must enter from 11400 S and 2200 W via northbound traffic only. All southbound traffic on 2200 West will be closed.

    All entries must check-in and proceed to their pre-assigned staging location promptly. Watch for signs along 2200 W for your check-in entrance. All entries must be in place by 8:30 a.m.

    The Parade Route is still currently being finalized. Updates will be posted when available.

    Unloading of vehicles and participant pick up is also still being finalized.

    Application deadline is May 2nd.

    By May 27th , the entry contact name will receive – in an email - a parade number, staging time, route map, line-up and staging information. Please adhere to your staging time. All entry participants must arrive at your assigned time. Your parade number must be visible to the parade announcers and must be placed on the front of the entry or may be carried by a walker.

    By submitting your application you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the City of South Jordan, its elected and appointed officials, officers, agents, employees, contractors and volunteers from any liability for injury, loss, claims or damages which may be asserted as arising out of the negligent operations, acts, or omissions of all participants in your parade entry in connection with this event.

  2. South Jordan Summerfest Parade Entry Rules and Regulations

    This year’s parade will be limited to the first 100 entries. Each entry must have completed a timely application. Any unpermitted entry will be escorted off the parade route. Please be sure to communicate these rules to everyone in your entry. Only one copy of these rules is attached to each entry form.

    If motorized vehicles will be included, each entry will be limited to 4 vehicles. Drivers of motorized vehicles must have valid Utah driver licenses.

    Speed will not exceed 5 mph while participating in the parade.

    Inappropriate/reckless driving will not be tolerated by motor vehicles.

    Do not allow participants to hang off the sides of moving vehicles.

    All participants in an entry are strongly encouraged to help the driver watch for children along the parade route as they occasionally run in front of a driver to grab poorly tossed candy and souvenirs.

    All minors riding bicycles, using skateboards, scooters, or roller blades must wear appropriate safety equipment.

    Appropriate music or sound may be used by an entry; however, no air horns or excessive noise/music is permitted.

    Propelling water at parade spectators along the route is strictly prohibited. Water guns and/or water balloons are not permitted in the parade.

    Do not throw or shoot candy, paper, or souvenirs at spectators. However, a gentle “UNDERHAND” toss is acceptable.

    All animal entries must arrange to provide their own accompanying clean-up crews.

    Keep within 20 – 30 feet of the entry in front of you. Do not pause during the parade except to maintain proper distance, or during an emergency.

    City and parade officials reserve the right to eject any entry at any time failing to comply with parade rules and regulations, or posing safety risks to their participants or spectators.

    Submit online application by May 2nd, to avoid the late fee. No applications received after May 16.

    Celina Bendock

    Call 801.254.4357

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  4. 75 words is the most our parade announcers will have time to read before the next entry. Please keep this short and concise. 

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