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Bingham Creek Regional Park is possible because of a partnership between Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation and the City of South Jordan. This page features news related to the park.

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    Field & Event Reservations Now Open

    The Bingham Creek Regional Park Authority is now accepting Event and Field Use requests. Read on...
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Bingham Creek Regional Park

Welcome to Bingham Creek Regional Park! The former Welby Pit has officially begun its transformation into a generational park for residents to visit and enjoy for decades to come. Located at approximately 4800 W and 10200 S, the 160-acre Bingham Creek Regional Park opened in June 2023 for the public to enjoy. 

When Bingham Creek Regional Park is complete, it will be the largest park in Salt Lake County. It will be a unique generational gathering place, a recreational area, and a trail hub in our community. We’ve just begun to see this area transform into a beautiful regional park where the community can spend quality leisure and recreation time together. Learn more about phase one and future amenities [LINK].

Park Construction Funding

YOU helped fund Phase I of the Bingham Creek Regional Park through the Zoo, Arts & Parks (ZAP) tax. $12 million ZAP tax dollars, as well as $3 million from the City of South Jordan and $1.5 million from Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation, made this possible.

Governance – Bingham Creek Park Authority

The Park will be owned and operated by the Bingham Creek Park Authority, a partnership through an inter-local agreement between South Jordan City and Salt Lake County, similar to Sugarhouse Park. The Board is comprised of seven individuals, including five residents, one City of South Jordan employee, and one Salt Lake County employee, mutually appointed by the Salt Lake County Council and South Jordan City Council. The Board is responsible for establishing governance rules, facilitating efficient long-range plans, preparing and managing the park’s annual operating budget, and ensuring effective park maintenance and operations. Fill out our contact form [LINK] to contact board members regarding the park.

Park Maintenance

Salt Lake County Parks division will maintain the Park through the inter-local agreement. Fill out our contact form [LINK] for questions or concerns about maintenance.

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