South Jordan Senior Center Project

The South Jordan Senior Center and Affordable Housing Project is a collaborative venture set to transform the lives of our seniors. Located at 3788 W 10200 S, South Jordan, UT, 84009, this proposed project will address the imminent needs of our senior citizens by introducing a dedicated 17,000-square-foot Senior Center and 138 dedicated senior housing units, 104 of which would be restricted as affordable units. The Senior Center, meticulously designed with invaluable input from seniors, will offer versatile spaces for activities, a well-equipped kitchen, and convenient parking facilities. The housing portion of this project would be partially funded by the Redevelopment Agency (RDA) Affordable Housing Fund and partially funded by Ivory Innovations Operating Foundation. This project represents our unwavering commitment to enhancing the well-being of our senior community and elevating South Jordan resident's quality of life in the future. There will be opportunities for the community to learn more and to offer their thoughts and feedback throughout the process. Read the Frequently Asked Questions below to find out more.

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