Urban Center & Bees Stadium Project

Welcome to the city's information hub for the project in South Jordan that includes an urban center and entertainment district, including the new Bees stadium. The City addresses key impacts of the Larry H. Miller (LHM) Company project in its Daybreak development: transit, traffic, housing, infrastructure, conservation, responsible finances, city commerce, and public safety. The City of South Jordan, in collaboration with LHM, will prioritize resident communication, ensuring early updates on traffic, transit changes, and infrastructure developments. The city is committed to smart planning, including efficient transportation, water conservation, and outdoor recreation opportunities, and will keep those priorities top of mind as it collaborates with the company. Explore our FAQs, featuring detailed insights on traffic management, infrastructure improvements, economic development, and public safety. Join us on this transformative journey as we welcome this one-of-a-kind project to our city.

“The City of South Jordan is proud to welcome this urban center project in the Daybreak planned community to the fastest-growing area within Salt Lake County. This mixed-use urban center is a regional destination for families, jobs, housing, sports and entertainment, dining and retail, and outdoor recreation. It truly is where urban meets nature, and we are excited to welcome our community and friends to join the experience.”
~South Jordan Mayor Dawn Ramsey

For project-specific questions, please visit LHM’s project website. This page will answer questions specific to the city’s involvement and potential impacts on residents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)