By: Rachael Van Cleave On: August 01, 2019 In: Uncategorized Comments: 0

In a collaborative effort with West Jordan, the City of South Jordan and its Historic Preservation Committee are happy to announce the renaming of 9400 South from 1700 West through 2200 West as Fullmer Lane.

The Fullmer brothers, Gene, Jay, and Don, were known for their boxing careers. When Gene won the world middleweight boxing championship on January 2, 1957, he got the attention of the sports industries and the nation.

“West Jordan and South Jordan kind of came alive, I think, as result of them boxing,” said Brad Fullmer, Don Fullmer’s son.

The City is proud to honor the Fullmer family by renaming the street, which serves as a border between the two cities, and on which much of the family lived and trained.

Gene was inducted into the 1970 Charter Class of the Utah Sports Hall of Fame, Don was inducted into the 1999 Utah Sports Hall of Fame, and Jay was honored with a Utah Hall of Fame Distinguished Service award in 2012. Gene also received numerous international awards.

“They left a great legacy and their family continues to leave that legacy today. It’s an honor to be a part of South Jordan with people like this,” said Don Rees, member of the South Jordan’s Historic Preservation Committee.

Part of the legacy Rees is referring to is the tradition of working with youth at the Fullmer Brothers Boxing Gym. Youth can use the gym, currently located at 2200 West and 11000 South, free of charge. The more than 2,000 youth who’ve used the gym, many of whom are considered “at-risk,” not only learn the sport, but receive valuable mentorship.

“There are many youth that struggle today, both with social media and social activities. These youth learn something that can help them not only just as fighters, but it can also help them become better citizens,” Rees said.

The Fullmer family has recently acquired land they’ll use to build a new gym, to continue to serve the youth, and at which they’ll be able to hold tournaments. Through the Fullmer Legacy Foundation, the family will soon begin fundraising to get the funds to build the new gym.

“It was Dad’s and those guy’s dying wish that we don’t charge anybody to ever come into that gym, so they wanted us to keep it running and don’t charge them,” said Brad Fullmer.

In the new gym, which they hope to get built within 2 years, there will be a study hall and a computer lab where kids can do their homework.