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Posted on: October 4, 2022

You May be in a New City Council District

Areal picture of South Jordan City Neighborhood

Did you know that your council district may have changed? The City is required to review district boundaries every 10 years after the Census is complete to ensure the districts represent the distribution of the population in the community equally. After delayed 2020 Census data reached the City, our GIS (mapping) division got started creating new district maps. That process takes several months, which includes several rounds of feedback from City Council. Finally, the Council votes to approve a map. Review the map below to see which Council District you are in and which City Council member represents you.

The Process

A lot of thought and legal considerations go into the process of developing voting district maps. The following is the process South Jordan went through to determine the new districts. 

  1. The State aggregates the numbers that the Census gathers and sends that information to the City. 
  2. The GIS division takes the total population number from the census count and divides it by five (the number of districts in the City) to develop a target number. The number for each district must be within 5% (plus or minus) of the target number. 
  3. GIS develops mapping scenarios for the City Council to review that meet the following criteria. 
    1. To meet federal and state criteria, boundaries must be contiguous, and the districts must be as compact as possible.
    2. City criteria requires that no two council members be re-districted into the same district. 
    3. Boundaries should consider major roads, waterways, and other logical divisions, so that the districts make sense to council members and their constituents.
  4. After considering all of these requirements, GIS presents five scenarios to City Council, which narrows the selection down and makes suggestions.
  5. GIS presents the final options, Council chooses and approves the final map, and the new districts go into effect immediately.
  6. The City sends the new district map to the County, which takes it into consideration for its precincts.

New City Council Map

2022 City Council District Map

  • District 1 – Patrick Harris
  • District 2 – Brad Marlor
  • District 3 – Don Shelton
  • District 4 – Tamara Zander
  • District 5 – Jason McGuire

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