What technology will be used to purify the water?

Current technology allows recycled water to be cleaned and made into a source of safe, reliable, and pure drinking water. A cost-effective, multi-step, ozone/bio-filtration-based treatment process has been tested in Florida and has consistently shown to be pure, clean water, meeting and even exceeding drinking water standards. The City is currently partnering with Carollo Engineering to ensure the right technology is used and operated appropriately to accomplish the goals of the project. Carollo Engineering and their professionals are leaders in water purification.

OzoneBio-filtration Water Treatment Process

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1. What is PureSoJo?
2. Why is South Jordan City embarking on such a project?
3. Why look at reclaimed water as a future potential water supply?
4. What technology will be used to purify the water?
5. How is this project regulated?
6. Who is else is involved with this project?
7. What will be happening at the demonstration project site?
8. What is the current status of the water purification facility?
9. Who can I reach out to to get more information on this project?