What will be happening at the demonstration project site?

Approximately 10 gallons per minute (GPM) of effluent water from the Jordan Basin Water Reclamation Facility, which is owned and operated by the South Valley Sewer District, will be cleaned through an advanced purification process that will produce water that meets drinking water standards. City staff will be taking water samples from the site and sending them to independent water quality labs that are certified to perform the tests required for this project. The purified water will ultimately end up back in our local water cycle by entering the Jordan River.

Within a year of startup, the City plans to offer educational tours for the public. The tours will focus on the important role that water recycling can play to meet the state’s water supply needs, how technology is used to purify recycled water and how the economics of water recycling make sense to consider this source for future water supply.

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1. What is PureSoJo?
2. Why is South Jordan City embarking on such a project?
3. Why look at reclaimed water as a future potential water supply?
4. What technology will be used to purify the water?
5. How is this project regulated?
6. Who is else is involved with this project?
7. What will be happening at the demonstration project site?
8. What is the current status of the water purification facility?
9. Who can I reach out to to get more information on this project?