What paper and cardboard items can I recycle in my curbside can?

Acceptable Paper & Cardboard Items

  • Newspaper, including inserts (remove plastic sleeves)
  • Cardboard (No Waxed Cardboard)
  • Kraft (brown paper) bags
  • Magazines, Catalogs, and Telephone Books
  • Office & Computer paper, notebook, school, and gift wrap (no metal clips, spirals, ring binders)
  • Chipboard (cereal, cake, food, gift boxes, etc.)
  • Carrier Stock (soda, beer can carrying cases)
  • Junk Mail and Envelopes (no plastic cards, stick-on labels)
  • Paperback and Hard Cover Books
  • Wrapping paper (no ribbon, glitter, or foil)
  • Paper towel and toilet paper cardboard cores

If you have large amounts of paper to recycle and want to ensure it gets recycled, a great way to do this is to drop off the paper at the recycling locations in the link above and Green Fiber, a local company will collect the clean paper and recycle it into insulation. Please note, we do not accept shredded paper in the curbside bin, but Green Fiber does accept it if it’s contained in a box or paper bag.

Where to Take Paper Recyclables

View Paper Recycling Drop-Off Locations (PDF).

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