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Field and Park Reservation Request

  1. Note that fields are only available April 1, 2023 to October 14, 2023

  2. Requested Reservation Days / Times
  3. Notes for Approved Field Reservation Requests
    • Once a field reservation request is reviewed and accepted, requester will be notified and sent a draft field use agreement (contract example attached).
    • Requestor will have 5 business days to review written agreement, request changes, submit any required occupational licenses, competency cards, or certificates necessary for the administration of programs carried out on fields reserved, and submit required certificates of insurance.
    • Once required documents are received and written agreement is deemed acceptable to both the requestor and the city, a copy of the agreement will be emailed to both parties for digital signatures.
    • Those who reserve field space will be required to independently comply with H.B. 204 "Protection of Athletes with Head Injuries" and certify compliance.
    • Please note, you may be asked to provide proof of South Jordan City resident participation percentages.
    • Please note the field use insurance requirements listed below:
      • User shall, at User's sole cost and expense and throughout the term of this Agreement and any extensions thereof, carry:
        • Workers compensation insurance adequate to protect User from claims under workers compensation acts.
        • General personal injury and property damage liability insurance and automobile liability insurance with liability limits of not less than $2 million each occurrence and $3 million aggregate for the injury or death of person or persons and property damage.
      • All insurance policies shall be issued by a financially responsible company or companies authorized to do business in the State of Utah. User shall provide City with copies of certificates for all policies with an endorsement that they are not subject to cancellation without 30 days prior written notice to City and the City, its officers and employees, shall be named as additional insured on General and Automobile liability policies only.
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