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Gale Center Visitor Survey

  1. Have you visited the Gale Center in the last 4 months?*
  2. Select your typical role when you visit*

    Choose one

  3. How many individuals are typically in your group during a visit?*
  4. During your visit, do you pick up a free Museum Mashup craft kit if it's available?*
  5. During your visit, does anyone in your group participate in the children's activities? (coloring, scavenger hunts, corn hole, checkers, ect) *
  6. Have you ever participated in a guided tour at the Gale Center?*
  7. What type of museum do you feel the Gale Center is?*

    Select all that apply.

  8. Did you know the Gale Center is owned and operated by the City of South Jordan?*
  9. When you first heard about the Gale Center did you know that it was a museum?*
  10. What kind of programming would you like to see the Gale Center offer in the future?*

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  11. How do you prefer to get information about the Gale Center?*

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