By: Joshua Timothy On: September 17, 2019 In: Latest News Comments: 0

Every summer kids across the country set up lemonade stands to raise spending money for items such as toys or treats. However, this summer the goal for three South Jordan children was slightly different.  Makayla, Caden and Brynnli approached their parents about raising money from a lemonade stand to donate to the South Jordan Fire Department. After they raised $45 dollars in lemonade sales, their mother contacted the fire department asking how to donate the money. Because of their desire to support our firefighters, the South Jordan Fire Department wanted recognize and personally thank the family for their support. Fire crews coordinated a time to go to their house to thank the kids and give them and their friends a tour of the fire engine. As the fire department administration discussed the best use for the money collected, it was determined that the South Jordan Fire Department would match the donation to purchase stuffed animals, which will be placed in the department’s fire engines and ambulances to give to other children who may be sick, injured, or in otherwise need of a pick me up.  Many of the emergency calls that our Firefighters and Paramedics respond to involve children.  Providing sick or injured kids with a stuffed animal can be a small comforting measure during a difficult time. Thanks Makayla, Caden, and Brynnli! We appreciate you thinking of the Fire Department and being willing to help others!