By: Joshua Timothy On: March 04, 2020 In: Uncategorized Comments: 0

Due to questions and speculations by individuals running for County and State office in recent weeks, we, as the South Jordan Mayor and Council, desire that South Jordan citizens understand why the City did not take a position on the County’s decision regarding the Olympia Hills Development.

Over the last 2 decades South Jordan has been at the center of the explosive growth in the South West Quadrant of Salt Lake County. This growth has triggered significant impacts to water, transportation, sewer and other infrastructure systems. This impact to infrastructure has been a concern of South Jordan and other neighboring cities.

As a Mayor and Council, we feel that land use decisions are one of the most fundamental responsibilities that the local elected officials can make. As such South Jordan has appreciated that neighboring cities and Salt Lake County have not opposed or attempted to influence South Jordan’s exercise of land use authority on significant developments such as the District, South Jordan Gateway TOD, and Daybreak. South Jordan has sought to mitigate impacts to infrastructure on neighboring cities and the County when approving developments but we understand that there is always an impact on our neighbors when we make land use decisions.

Out of mutual respect, throughout this period of explosive growth South Jordan has adopted a practice of working to address impacts to South Jordan infrastructure while not commenting on neighboring cities lawful exercise of its land use authority. Examples include Riverton’s Mountain View Village CenterCal Development, Sandy’s Cairns development, Herriman’s Town Center, Antham, and Rosecrest developments, West Jordan’s current negotiations regarding almost 1,000 acres west of U-111, and the County’s Olympia Hills development.

Due to the rapid growth in the South West Quadrant, we as the current Mayor and Council since 2018 have focused on thinking regionally while acting locally. This has manifested through a close coordination between South West Mayors, involvement in Western Growth Coalition, and a combined South West Quadrant Mayors caucus with state legislators.

More recently, the South West Mayors in coordination with Salt Lake County, and Wasatch Front Regional Council have commissioned a South West Visioning Study focusing on transportation and other infrastructure impacts. Additionally, South Jordan, and neighboring cities, have been working with legislators to find funding for transportation projects to address the impacts brought on by regional growth. These efforts have resulted in millions of dollars being spent for projects in the South West Quadrant.

As a Mayor and Council these growth issues have been a primary focus over the last two years. Surprisingly while South Jordan citizens have been very active in South Jordan land use decisions made by our City Council, up until last couple of week the South Jordan City Council had not been contacted by South Jordan citizens regarding Olympia Hills.

Based on the longstanding practice of South Jordan City Councils for more than two decades, the South Jordan City Council will always work to mitigate impacts on infrastructure caused by development but will not officially comment as a body on other entities land use decisions.