By: Joshua Timothy On: November 02, 2021 In: Latest News Comments: 0

As you may know, property taxes assessed through Salt Lake County are due at the end of this month. What you might not know is how much money the City receives and how is it spent. Well, about $0.15 of every dollar goes to South Jordan City. This means that a primary residential home valued at $500,000 will pay approximately $448 annually ($38 per month) to the City. That money is used to fund 100% of police services and 19% of fire services within South Jordan City. The rest of the Fire Services funding comes from sales tax revenue.

What does that mean in terms of services provided?
Residents have time and again said that public safety is a top priority for them. In our annual resident survey, residents consistently rate public safety as one of the best services the City provides. So, residents not only place public safety as a top priority, but they are happy with that service. That sounds like some REAL value for the tax dollar.

Services Provided:

Police Fire
  • Patrol Operations
  • Investigations
  • SWAT & K-9
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • School Resource Officers
  • Community Outreach
  • Crossing Guards
  • Police Records
  • Fire Protection and Prevention Services
  • Emergency Medical and Paramedic Ambulance Services
  • Community Risk Reduction and Public Education
  • Hazardous Materials Response

The City is also committed to maintaining those service levels as the City grows. You can see that through the addition of Station 64 – fire station, police substation, City Hall annex – on the west side of the City. This reduces response times to emergencies for the City as a whole and provides more expanded services to our fastest growing part of the City.

Our South Jordan Police and Fire Departments want to thank residents for their on-going support!