City Purchasing

It is the policy of South Jordan City that all purchasing shall be conducted strictly in accordance with the laws of the State of Utah and policies and ordinances adopted by South Jordan City.  Attached is the City’s adopted Purchasing Policy.

South Jordan City has recently switched to partner with the State of Utah and SciQuest to post all requests for bids (RFBs), proposals (RFPs), and qualifications (RFQs). This is a free service. Vendors should create an account by going to the State of Utah Purchasing page or clicking on the following link for the Supplier Portal.  If you are new to SciQuest, you will need to create an account.

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Contact Information:

Phone: 801-466-HELP
Fax: 801-253-5250

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do I get on a bidder's list?

South Jordan City has joined with SciQuest, for the distribution of solicitation information. Vendors who register with SciQuest receive automatic notification regarding bids in their commodity class and may download specifications. This system brings together an extensive database of government agencies and vendors which enables us to improve our service to you by providing automatic bid notification and instant access to bid information via the web.

South Jordan City strongly urges ALL potential bidders to register with SciQuest to ensure notice of all solicitations. There is no fee to potential bidders to register or use SciQuest to respond to South Jordan City solicitations. Any questions on how to use SciQuest should be directed to or call the SciQuest supplier support at: 1-800-233-1121.  If you chose to call, please inform SciQuest support that you are registering under the State of Utah’s Supplier Portal.

By subscribing to SciQuest, the vendor certifies compliance with State and City regulations for a business license, sales tax number and non-discrimination requirements.

General information regarding solicitation is available under the Purchasing page and Current Bids.

Vendors remain on the bidders’ list as long as they remain in good standing with South Jordan City.

where and when are solicitations advertised?

RFB/RFP/RFQ solicitation notices are also listed on the City’s web site by selecting “Current Bids”. Specifications are listed and disseminated by SciQuest.

how can i receive solicitation information?

Vendors registered with SciQuest will automatically receive notification of RFB’s, RFP’s and RFQ’s for the commodities they have chosen.

Vendors registered with SciQuest will be able to download RFB’s, RFP’s and RFQ’s directly from the website at no charge.

where do i submit my responses to RFB’s/rfp’s/rfq’s?

South Jordan City prefers to receive all responses electronically. Responses may be submitted in electronic format via SciQuest or as stated specifically in the bid documents.

when and where are bids and proposals opened?

RFB’s/RFP’s are opened and decrypted on the date and time of the close date listed in each individual RFB/RFP. This information is available online at SciQuest for all to view.

where do i send invoices

Invoices should be mailed to:
South Jordan City
Accounts Payable
1600 W Towne Center Dr.
South Jordan, UT 84095

OR may be emailed to