By: Matt Jorgensen On: November 16, 2021 In: Latest News Comments: 0

With winter rapidly approaching, we want to remind residents that it is a code violation to neglect removing snow from your sidewalk in a timely manner after a snow event. If one of our code compliance inspectors observes this at your property, you may receive a door hanger reminding you to clear the sidewalk of snow so others can safely use the sidewalk. Other times a notice may be mailed to the property owner informing them of the violations that were present at the time of inspection as well as what is needed from the property owner to correct the issue.

If you’re ever driving through the City and see something that you feel may violate one of the City ordinances, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Code Compliance Division to voice your concerns. They will look into it in a timely fashion. Although our code compliance inspectors patrol the City looking for possible code violations, some still slip through the cracks, and that’s where our residents are a big help. Every resident can play a vital role in keeping our City beautiful by reporting possible violations to the Code Compliance Division. South Jordan City Code can be accessed at here.