By: Joshua Timothy On: November 05, 2019 In: Uncategorized Comments: 0

October ends Crime Prevention Awareness Month and as the cold weather sets in, the South Jordan Police Department begins to see an increase in different types of crimes.

Auto thefts –  Never leave a car running unattended as a thief will just break a window out and take your car.  Modern cars do not need the warm up time older cars need and will warm up to proper operating temperature before you leave your neighborhood.  Save gas and the environment by not idling to warm up cars.  (Also, please remember to scrape ice and snow off your windows – it’s illegal to have ice and/or snow on your windows while driving.)

Package thefts – As the holiday changes from spooks to cheers, more and more presents are delivered to houses.  If you will not be home when packages are anticipated to arrive, please consider having packages shipped to your work, to someone who can accept them on your behalf, or schedule a pickup at an alternate location.

Car/Home burglaries – Anything visible inside a car while parked at church, the gym, or a shopping center is an open invite to a criminal.  Put items in the trunk BEFORE you arrive so prowlers don’t see you moving something important to the trunk.  Also, make sure you close your garage doors if you are not around and consider leaving lights on at night.

To report a crime, you can file it through our online system by using this link https://www.sjc.utah.gov/police/report-suspicious-activity/, or by calling our dispatch center at 801-840-4000 (non-emergency) or 911 (emergencies).