Construction Projects – South Jordan

Construction Projects

Purpose: Addition of northbound right turn lane (by America First Bank) and southbound right turn lane (by Burger King) on River Heights Drive.

Duration: The northbound right turn lane is complete. Construction of the southbound right turn lane (by Burger King) will resume Spring 2020.

Location: River Heights and South Jordan Parkway

Funding: Salt Lake County

Impact: Minor traffic on collector roads, potential for hazards, daytime noise

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Purpose: Installation of a 14-in PVC secondary waterline from Dunsinane Drive to 4800 W.

Duration: Installation of the secondary waterline will resume mid-January 2020. Completion of the project is expected Spring 2020.

Impact: Some traffic delays on minor collector roads, potential for hazards, daytime noise

Funding: Water Fund


Purpose: Replace transite pipeline with new PVC pipeline

Duration: Mill and overlay of Bonanza Circle, Bonanza Way, and Bonanza Court will take place Spring 2020. Installation of the waterline on Horseshoe Circle will resume Spring 2020.

Location: Bonanza Circle and Horseshoe Circle

Impacts: Minor traffic issues, potential hazards, daytime noise

Funding: Water fund

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Purpose: To construct 6 new pickleball courts, install restrooms and upgrade the pavilion at City Park

Duration: Completion scheduled for Spring 2020

Location: City Park

Impacts: The construction areas are fenced, so the pavilion and existing playground are not available for use.

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Purpose: To complete the street with sidewalk, curb and gutter, storm drain system, and updated waterline.

Duration: Scheduled to be finished end of December 2019

Location: Florence Way

Funding: General Fund CIP

Impacts: Charlotte Dr and Florence Way will be heavily impacted.

Purpose: A new traffic signal will be installed to improve efficiency and safety for pedestrians and motorists.

Duration: Construction is scheduled to begin January 6, 2020 and end Mid-February 2020.

Location: Daybreak Parkway and Lake Run Road Intersection

Funding: Federal Funding

Impacts: Crews will work Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., with occasional weekend work. During construction pedestrians pathways will be impacted at the northwest and southwest portions of the intersection. Pedestrians should expect to use designated detour routes to avoid these construction areas. Drivers should expect reduced travel lanes, lane shifts and possible temporary closures.

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