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Projects nearing completion:

City Park Pickle Ball Courts: The construction of six pickle ball courts, installation of restrooms, and installation of a
pavilion at City Park will be completed by the end of May 2020.
10200 South Transite Replacement: The replacement of old transite waterlines at 10200 South between Dunsinane
Drive and 4800 West is completed. Paving of 10200 South will take place at the end of July 2020.
Cemetery Expansion: As cemetery construction continues, grading and utility work is almost complete. Work on the
pavilion is now taking place. Construction is scheduled to be finished by the end of June 2020.

Projects under Construction:

Highland Park Phase 2: Highland Park Phase 2 is currently under construction. The second phase of the park adds an
additional ten acres of active sports fields to the existing park located at approximately 6000 West and Lake Avenue.
Phase 2 will also include a playground, pavilion and pickle ball courts. The park is expected to be completed in
September 2020.
River Heights Drive and 10400 South Intersection: The construction of northbound and southbound right turn pockets
at River Heights Drive will be completed by June 2020.
2700 West Road Improvements: Construction of roadway improvements, on 2700 West between 11400 South and
11500 South, such as sidewalk, curb and gutter, enclosure of irrigation ditch, and undergrounding of power is still on
going. The construction of these improvements are expected to be completed by July 2020.
3200 West Road Improvements: The construction of sidewalk, curb and gutter, enclosure of irrigation ditch, and
underground of power on 3200 West between South Jordan Parkway and Bison Ridge Road will start the middle of
May. Completion of the project is expected to be August 2020.
Millerton / Vermillion Storm Drain: Installation of new storm drain pipeline is on-going. Completion of the project is
expected to be done by August 2020.
Police and Fire Station 64: A 30,000 square foot facility that includes two-company fire station, police precinct and a city
hall annex. It’s located at 5443 West Lake Ave Expected completion of the project is spring of 2021.

Coordination with JVWCD:

10200 South Transmission: JVWCD is installing a 42″ steel waterline at 10200 South from Dunsinane Drive to approximately
5700 West. The project is expected to be completed by the beginning of August 2020.

Street Maintenance Projects:

Overlay Projects: 2200 West – Highway U-111 (Bacchus Highway) 10200 South Dunsinane Drive, 3645 West, 2950 West,
2480 West, 2485 West, Jordan River Trail, Frontage Road, Jordan Ridge Park Parking Lot, Roundabouts on Daybreak
Parkway: These overlays will start in June 2020 and be completed by August 2020. For specific dates and locations
watch the city website for updates.