By: Joshua Timothy On: May 04, 2021 In: Latest News Comments: 0

On March 17th Gov. Cox declared a state of emergency due to drought in Utah. Utah is among the top driest states and 90% of its 54 million acres is considered to be in extreme drought. The lack of water and soil moisture in Utah is at an all-time low. This sparks the desire to fire up the sprinklers and water your lawn when you see that spring time burn. In accordance with the drought declaration from Gov. Cox and recommendations by the Utah Division of Water Resources, South Jordan City Water Conservation recommends waiting to water your landscapes. Utah DWR has published a weekly lawn watering guide on their conservation website. This tool recommends watering based on weather patterns and evapotranspiration rates. This guide will tell you when and how often to water your lawn as the warmer weather approaches. Waiting to water will allow your lawn to grow deeper roots and establish resiliency for low watering habits.

South Jordan City is always trying to maximize its water conservation efforts and help residents to do the same. We offer many programs and incentives to make water conservation easy and affordable. The City offers a program to help residents convert their park strip from grass to a water-wise landscape. With a combination of rock mulch, drip irrigation parts, and $300 worth of plants(rebate) from the City, you can convert your park strip at little to no cost to you. There are other rebates available to help you replace inefficient toilets and water fixtures in your homes. These rebates can help you save money and more importantly conserve water.