By: Matt Jorgensen On: April 19, 2021 In: Latest News Comments: 0

Every year the South Jordan City Fire Department gets called out to assist ducklings that have fallen into storm drains all around the city. They are used to it and have even perfected their rescue techniques.

This past year they have noticed a problem where residents with good intentions are trying to help by removing the storm grate and trying to fish the ducklings out themselves before they arrive. This can be problematic for both the residents and the ducklings. The storm grates are extremely heavy and if not handled properly can fall on the resident or even in the storm drain harming the ducklings.

Furthermore, the storm drain is a confined space, which may have a toxic atmosphere for breathing, due to low oxygen levels or the presence of sewer gases like hydrogen sulfide. If a resident was to enter into the storm drain to rescue the ducklings they could become a victim themselves.

Lastly, if the heavy and awkward storm drain grates aren’t put back in place properly, it could cause tire or vehicle damage.

Residents that find these ducklings in need should call the non-emergency number for dispatch at 801-840-4000, they will dispatch animal control or the fire department.