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1. What is the project?
2. Where will it be located?
3. Who are the parties involved?
4. What is Ivory Innovations?
5. When would the project start?
6. What will the Senior Center look like?
7. How does it compare to the existing Community Center?
8. What types and how many units of senior housing will there be?
9. What will the rent-restricted units lease for?
10. Is there an age restriction to live in the project?
11. How is the project designed?
12. Why are you building a new Senior Center?
13. What happens to the community center where senior programming is hosted?
14. How will senior services change?
15. Will the light from the facility come into my house?
16. How will this project impact traffic?
17. Will you rent out the senior center facilities for events?
18. How will the project be funded?
19. How many stories will the senior housing buildings be?
20. What types and how many units of senior housing will there be?
21. When will I have the opportunity to provide comments or feedback?
22. Who can I reach out to if I have questions about this project?
23. Will there be any water or environmental impacts?
24. Why partner with a non-profit on this project?
25. The land has been empty for years. What was the original intent for this land?
26. When would the project start?
27. How do I apply for the senior housing?
28. Who will benefit from the senior housing?