Tours are free at the Gale Center! We gratefully accept donations; a donation box is available at the front desk for your convenience. We recommend that groups of more than five who would like a tour call ahead to ensure that a docent is available for you no matter how busy the museum is. We can tailor a tour to almost any group, from preschool visitors to seniors to special needs groups. Many of the areas are hands-on and visitors can touch historic furniture, select produce in the Service Station, or hang laundry to dry in the Beckstead Farmhouse.

Young groups

We know that attention spans can be short for young visitors! For Pre-K and younger elementary ages, we offer activity-based tours that can be as short or as long as needed. These groups are welcome to stay and explore afterwards!

Senior groups

We welcome senior group tours: assisted living, long term care, and senior center outings. Our facility offers plenty of seating, and is wheelchair accessible to standard sized wheelchairs. If there will be more than three wheelchairs, or larger chairs, please indicate this when you schedule your tour. This will help us to remove any potential trip hazards and temporarily relocate items to facilitate easier access for your group.

Sensory Sensitive groups

Most of the sound at the Gale Center comes from children playing! We use low to moderate volume nature sound effects and televisions throughout the museum to enhance our visitor’s experience. There are two exhibits that have loud hands-on options. The Gale Fork mine includes a historic blaster box that makes a “detonating” sound, and the lights in the mine flash. The Schoolhouse has a working historic bell in the tower that can be heard throughout the museum. If the group you are bringing is sensitive to loud noises, please let your docent know not to use these during your tour.

Terrific Tuesdays

The first Tuesday of every month is Terrific Tuesday at the Gale Center.  Terrific Tuesday events are designed to introduce participants to cultural and historical subjects through fun hands-on activities. Our activities are designed for older Pre-K and elementary age skill levels but all ages and abilities are welcome! These events are open house style, and craft materials are supplied on a first come, first served basis.

Terrific Tuesdays are funded by a generous ZAP grant.