By: Joshua Timothy On: December 17, 2019 In: Latest News Comments: 0


If you are heading out of town this holiday season, fill out our Vacation Notification form which will notify us that you will be out of town.  As time allows, we will have our officers check the security of your house.

Fill Out Vacation Notification Form

Even when utilizing our services, remember these safety tips:

  • Don’t post on social media showing you are out of town.
  • Double-check holiday lights (or unplug them) to minimize fire risks.
  • Have someone scheduled to clear the snow to give the impression that you are home.
  • Use timers for interior lights to give the impression  that you are home – same with exterior lights.
  • Don’t leave packages (newspapers, mail, etc.) outside or visible.
  • Put valuables away.
  • If your garage door has a lock, use it – some garage door openers have locks (check your owner’s manual).
  • Double check that doors and windows are closed and locked. Close all the blinds.
  • Remove your “hidden” key.
  • Have a neighbor (or someone else) available to check on your house in case a pipe bursts or other emergency occurs.