By: Rachael Van Cleave On: March 21, 2020 In: Uncategorized Comments: 0

Due to the earthquake this week, the building of The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City was damaged. The building needs repairs before those who have been sheltering there can return.

Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson along with leaders of The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City, have exhausted all efforts to find adequate sheltering facilities. Due to the urgent need for housing these displaced persons, Marv Jensen Recreation Center will be used as a temporary shelter for the persons housed by The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City. The following information is being provided to the City from the County and The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City:

Facts regarding the temporary shelter at Marv Jensen:

1. Does the Rescue Mission plan for daytime activities  and/or programs for their clients?

The Rescue Mission has 50 men staying with them at the Rec Center. The majority of the men are a part of The Rescue Mission’s in-patient treatment program, which is highly structured. Their plan is to run the program in the same manner as it was run in their downtown facility. During the day, the men have morning and afternoon classes and required chores. For example, today the men were helping to clean the Rec Center. The men in the program do have days-off in which they will be allowed to leave the Rec Center; however, they are required to sign-out when they leave and sign-in upon their return.

Those men staying with The Rescue Mission that are not part of the treatment program and are individuals experiencing homelessness are also allowed to leave during the day with the same requirements of signing-out and signing-in; however, they are encouraging these individuals to stay in the facility during the day.

The South Jordan Police Department visited with the facility director and had a very productive conversation. One request from SJPD was if The Rescue Mission staff was willing to identify any individuals if there were problems in the community. He affirmed to them that he would be very supportive and helpful in any way. The Rescue Mission staff is working with the South Jordan Police Department in identifying any individuals who may cause issues in the community.

2. What type of transportation will be available to the individuals in the temporary shelter?

The Rescue Mission will provide transportation to their guests for any service needs or employment responsibilities away from the facility.

3. What are the staff to client ratios in this temporary shelter?

During the day The Rescue Mission will have between 7-9 staff working at Marv Jenson to serve the individuals staying there. Some of the staff leave and come back for purposes like getting & bringing meals or other work-related errands. The Rescue Mission intends to maintain at least 5 staff members present at a time. In the evenings, they will have fewer staff members.

4. What is the latest information available about The Rescue Mission’s downtown facility?
On Wednesday afternoon, Salt Lake City building Inspectors determined that the building is fixable, that the damage is not too extensive, and did not compromise the building’s soundness as long as the damaged wall is fixed. While there is no specific timeline for fixing the building, The Rescue Mission will reoccupy the building in downtown as soon as possible.