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As a mom, time is always at a premium. My priorities often fall like this: my family, my job, community involvement, and often my fitness and health comes in at a sad and slow last place. When fitness comes last, it starts to impact my life and relationships in negative ways. Lack of energy and self-confidence doesn’t look good on anyone. What I started to realize was that family and my fitness don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, it can be something we do together. My husband and son have seen me do extremely difficult things, and have been inspired as well. In August, my husband ran a Spartan Beast race, which includes 13 miles, 4,400 feet of elevation gain, and 30 plus obstacles, and my 2 year old (almost 3) ran in his first race and was so proud of himself and the medal he received after crossing the finish line. I wanted to offer my fellow South Jordan moms out there some encouragement and tips to get started training for your first race. If I can do it, you can to!

  1. Just get started – Put your little in a stroller first thing in the morning (if you can’t get your spouse to watch them), and go for a walk. Whenever you can, jog at an easy pace. There are plenty of runners who walk-jog their way through a 5K. I did on my first one!
  2. Push yourself a little more – Every time you get out to run, push yourself to jog or run for longer periods of time. Soon enough, you’ll be running a 5K. I remember the first time I ran one all the way through, I called my husband screaming with joy!
  3. Sign up for a SoJo Marathon race (5K, half marathon, marathon) – If you put money into it, then you are more likely to show up. Even if you walk the whole thing, it’s a start!
  4. Get a friend or family member to sign up with you – When you have someone else with you, it’s easier to get motivated and stay motivated.
  5. Recognize how much better you feel – I’ve realized that no workout improves my energy more than running. If you notice how much better you’re feeling, you will continue to be motivated to run those races and show your kids just how strong mom can be!

In South Jordan, we have this awesome low pressure race series. It’s more affordable than most, close to home, and you get a shirt and a medal out of every race. I want to encourage my fellow moms out there to get training for this year’s SoJo Marathon – whether it’s for the 5K, half marathon, or marathon. Be the mom you know you can be. Be the example that your kids will remember. You can do hard things! Plus, when you’re done, your kid can show you their stuff in the 1 Mile Kids Run and you’ll just bust your buttons with pride like I did.

Sign up now for the South Jordan Marathon, Half Marathon, or 5k and get 15% off using the code: MOMSROCK   *valid August 16 – September 12.

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Written by – Rachael Van Cleave, Communications Manager