By: Rachael Van Cleave On: July 07, 2020 In: Uncategorized Comments: 0

Based on resident feedback and research into numerous options, South Jordan updated its recycling program, the new tagline for which is “Think 4, Recycle More.” The City launched an all new recycling web page at sjc.utah.gov/recycle, residents have received a postcard with the new recycling guide and last week many residents joined our City staff via a Facebook Live video to ask their most pressing questions about the recycling program and what can and can’t be recycled. You can read the FAQ on the new recycling page for some of the most asked questions and/or take a look at some of the specific questions (and answers!) we received before or during the Facebook Live video below. If your question isn’t answered on the website or below, please reach out to our new recycling email address at recycle@sjc.utah.gov with your recycling questions.

  1. Why only four items? The “Think 4, Recycle More,” tagline refers to categories of items – paper, cardboard, metal (aluminum), and plastic bottles.
  2. Why only plastic containers with a neck, and why not go by the numbers on the containers? Unfortunately, the numbers on the containers doesn’t correspond with what is currently recyclable. What is recyclable at any given time depends on the demand. Currently, the easiest way to remember what can be recycled is by sticking with plastic bottles with necks – i.e. water or soda bottles, laundry detergent bottles, or plastic milk jugs.
  3. What happens to the materials in a recycling can if it has the wrong kinds of materials, does it just go to the landfill? The short answer is sometimes. If a recycling company determines a load has too much garbage or non-recyclable material, then they would send it to the landfill. If this happens enough, it increases our rates for both garbage and recycling, so it’s important to get it right. In fact, as a way to educate residents, we will be doing a recycling can audit regularly. Read more about that here.
  4. Are clean food boxes accepted? If they are made of cardboard, yes! If they are made of styrofoam or plastic ( i.e. clam shell containers), then no.
  5. Why do we recycle less here than my home City or state/why is it different here? Each city, state, and waste district is different. All recyclable material in Salt Lake County goes to one of two recycling centers which determine what is and isn’t recycled.
  6. Why can’t a recycle or put my recyclables in plastic bags? The plastic bags get caught up in and jam the recycle company’s sorting equipment and are not recycled.
  7. Why can’t I put glass in my curbside can? Glass isn’t accepted by the two local recycle facilities in Salt Lake County, however, there are four drop off locations for recycling glass in South Jordan.
  8. Can I recycle shredded paper? Not in your curbside can because it’s too small to be processed at the recycling facility. But, if you put it in a paper bag, you can drop it off at one of the Green Fiber bins around the City.
  9. Should I bind my paper together in a stack? No, all recycling items should be loose, clean and dry.
  10. Can I recycle the cardboard center in paper towels or toilet paper? Yes!
  11. Can I recycle wrapping paper? Yes! As long there is no ribbon, glitter, or foil.
  12. Why can’t we recycle green waste or have a green waste can? The short answer is that the Trans Jordan landfill has more green waste than it can process or sell. Read more here.
  13. Why can’t we recycle cottage cheese, margarine, or other plastic tubs? Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a market for those types of plastics. What is and isn’t recyclable is depend on the demand for that type of product.
  14. What about lids on the plastic bottles? If you leave the lids on the bottle they can go in the recycling can. If you remove them, throw the lid in the trash and recycle the bottle.
  15. Can you recycle a Pringles can, or cans with aluminum on the inside and paper on the outside? No, it’s not recyclable because the two parts can’t be separated.
  16. Do magazines count as mixed paper? Yes, so they can be recycled! See more about mixed paper here.
  17. Can we recycle clean aluminum pie or food tins? No, the type of aluminum used for those isn’t recyclable.
  18. When will we get the new blue recycling can? New homes are getting the new cans with the blue lids. As the older cans are replaced (once they are broken), they will be replaced with the new cans.