By: Joshua Timothy On: September 16, 2019 In: Uncategorized Comments: 0

National Preparedness Month is recognized each September to help promote planning for disasters and emergencies. The 2019 theme is “Prepared, Not Scared.” Emergencies and disasters can strike at unexpected moments, so it is important to take the time now to do some simple things that will help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible following any emergency. Whether the emergency or disaster keeps you at home or requires you to evacuate, you should be prepared to deal with the situation, and to help others, if you have adequate emergency supplies on hand. Consider creating two types of kits: one that has everything you will need if you are required to stay in your home, and a smaller, lightweight version to take with you if you have to evacuate. Water, food, and articles of clothing are needed to maintain your body temperature and provide protection against the elements. These are the most important items to include. If anyone in your family needs certain prescription medications, make sure to plan on bringing them with you if you have to leave your home. Both kits should include enough supplies to take care of your needs for at least four days.

For more information visit the “Be Ready Utah” website: bereadyutah.gov