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Mulligans Update 2017

City Council Terminates Repayment of Loan from Mulligans Enterprise Fund

On April 4, 2017, the South Jordan City Council approved Resolution R2017-09 terminating the repayment of the Loan from the Mulligans Enterprise Fund (initial loan amount $4,460,000 approx.). The repayment of the Loan (current balance $3,888,189) by Mulligans Golf and Game required pursuant to South Jordan Resolution R2015-19 is no longer required as of the effective date of this resolution (4 April 2017). Link to Resolution R2017-09


City Council Authorizes Funding for Professional Design Services
On March 21, 2016, the South Jordan City Council approved Resolution R2017-18 appropriating Mulligans fund excess revenues and fund balance for the implementation of the Mulligans Revitalization Plan. The City Council authorized $95,000 for professional schematic design services for the implementation of Phases I, II and II of the Revitalization Plan. Link to Resolution R2017-18

Mulligans Revitalization Plan approved by City Council
On November 25, 2016, the South Jordan City Council approved Resolution R2016-75 authorizing the process to implement the Mulligans Revitalization Plan, increase marketing budget and dissolve the Mulligans Commission. Included in the resolution are the following items:

  • Mulligans Revitalization Plan – phased implementation. Consistent with the Mulligans Master Plan’s Plan B prepared by Staples Golf, including associated deferred maintenance items as outlined, City staff is authorized to contract with a professional architectural firm to develop a phased implementation strategy for the Mulligans Revitalization Plan
  • Phase I Construction Documents and Equipment – City Staff is authorized to prepare construction ready documents for Phase I of the Mulligans Revitalization Plan, as well as prepare associated equipment needs request, in accordance with City policies. All expenditures are expected to be allocated from the Mulligans Enterprise Fund.
  • Marketing Allocation. Based on the recommendation made by THK & Associates in the Mulligans Master Plan prepared by Staples Golf, City staff is authorized to increase the marketing budget allocation in the FY2016/17 budget to $25,000 for the 2017 Season.
  • Dissolve Mulligans Commission – Dissolve the Mulligans Commission as presently constituted with recognition for the service of each member. Authorize City staff to draft language establishing a Mulligans Advisory Committee in accordance to City Code and City Council Advisory Committee policies. Link to R2016-75 Mulligans Revitalization Plan

                      Mulligans Master Plan Report

Staples Golf presents and City Council accepts Mulligans Master Plan
On August 16, 2016, the South Jordan City Council approved Resolution R2016-62 accepting receipt of the Mulligans Master Plan report as prepared, presented and delivered by Andy Staples of Stales Golf. Link to Resolution R2016-62 and Mulligans Master Plan