By: Rachael Van Cleave On: December 08, 2020 In: Uncategorized Comments: 0

At the December 1, 2020 City Council meeting, the Council approved changes to the municipal code for on-street parking during snow events. The intent of the changes is to provide safer navigation of streets during a snow storm for residents and plow trucks and make parking requirements easier to remember and follow for the public.

Residents in areas where there are typically plowing issues, should expect to get a red tag this week explaining the new code.

Below is a summary of our new code and a resource to help you know exactly where to park.

Quick Summary of Municipal Code 10.20.010

  • When a snow event results in the accumulation of one inch or more of snow, parking in the right of way is only allowed on the side of the street with even building numbers for 24 hours after the end of the snow event.
  • Exceptions for this are as follows:
  1. Where “no parking” signs are posted on the allowable side (even building numbers), cars will be allowed to park on the opposite side of the road, unless no parking signs are located on both sides of the road.
  2. Where a public road is divided by a landscaped median with one-way travel in each direction.
  3. Vehicles may park for not more than five minutes on the restricted side of the road when loading or unloading passengers.
  4. Vehicles may park for not more than 30 minutes when loading on the restricted side of the road, when unloading or delivering property or supplies.
  5. Medical, fire, police, city maintenance, or other emergency vehicles during emergency response shall not be limited by parking restrictions.

Not sure where to park? Go to this web page and click on “No Parking Map” to access an interactive map, showing which side of the street to park on during a snow storm. Residents can enter their street name or home address in the top right corner of the map to zoom into their neighborhood and see where it is acceptable to park.

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