Trail Wall Mural Program

  • Participant Application

  • (This email address is how we will contact you about your application)
  • Rules and Regulations:
    All artwork must be approved in advance by the South Jordan Arts Council.
    All non-sanctioned artwork will be considered "graffiti" and will be removed. Once applications are reviewed, selected artists will be notified via email.

    Artists must be local Salt Lake County Residents.

    Works may NOT include:
    • Drug or Alcohol Use
    • Gore
    • Nudity
    • Profanity
    • Overt Religious Content
    • Indications of Gang Affiliation
    • Indications of Political Affiliation
    • Discriminatory Content
    • Copyrighted Materials
    • Overly Controversial Content
    In the unfortunate event that artwork is damaged or tagged, the Arts Council will review touch up or removal options and contact the artist. These options are used to maintain the integrity of the individual works and the Trail Wall Mural Program as a whole. We appreciate your cooperation in making any such touchups.

    Intellectual Property Rights: By participating in Trail Wall Mural Program you are NOT relinquishing your Intellectual Property Rights. We (City of South Jordan, South Jordan Arts Council, and/or our affiliates) will never use images of your work in part or in whole to produce merchandise to be sold commercially or otherwise without your consent AND agreed upon compensation in advance.

    Fare Use: In order to document and archive the evolution of Trail Wall Mural Program we will be photographing artwork periodically. We will take every precaution to prevent the misrepresentation of works. Images will be used primarily for the promotion of artists, their works, and the program via the City of South Jordan's website(s) including associated social media pages. Images used to generate promotional materials will always be credited with the "By: _____" information you provide.
  • Please upload a sketch and any additional information about your work.
  • The Following Information is optional. Please only include the information you want to have made public. This info will appear as a "Caption" on the associated image of you finished work.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
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