By: Joshua Timothy On: September 10, 2019 In: Latest News Comments: 0

The State recently chose South Jordan as its first ever recipient of the Water Efficiency Award. This is in recognition of the City’s commitment to water conservation and efficiency through several programs and initiatives.

Some of those include:

  • The City’s Water Conservation Program – South Jordan is unique in that we have a full-time Water Conservation Coordinator who works with residents on water conservation efforts and education. The City also offers rebates for water smart plants and appliances, a customer water portal where residents can track their own water usage, and more. All can be found on watersmartsojo.org.
  • Utility Bills – The City added water usage graphs to make it easier on residents to see over time how much water they are using.
  • Advanced metering system – South Jordan has a metering system that can detect leaks at homes. It has saved millions of gallons of water and money for residents by catching leaks early.
  • Pure SoJo – The City’s water purification demonstration project will be an educational tool for residents and partners about the future of our water supply in the state.
  • Central Irrigation Control – This system has allowed for smart and efficient management of water in the City’s parks.

Thank you to the residents who have taken advantage of these programs so that we, as a city, can continue to save water into the future.