By: Matt Jorgensen On: February 04, 2020 In: Uncategorized Comments: 0

Salt Lake County is rapidly growing, expanding from just over 900,000 in 2010 to over 1.136M residents today. While much of the County is built out and focusing on redevelopment, the Southwest Salt Lake County (SWSLCo) contains roughly 32,000 acres of undeveloped land (6,000 are unincorporated acres). As these parcels are developed, community leaders, residents, and neighbors are concerned with ensuring that adequate infrastructure and services are in place. To date, growth policies and decisions have been either countywide or community-focused, with no unifying vision or strategy for collaborative decision-making at this subregional level. A successful approach moving forward will consider regional and individual community’s values to create a cohesive, well-supported Vision and Growth Strategy. Through the Southwest Vision, we will identify, preserve, and enhance the defining characteristics of each community, while working to create a coordinated strategy to manage growth throughout SWSLCo.

Read all the data highlights from the phase 1 summary here.

For additional information, please visit: www.swcountyvision.com