South Jordan City Mission Statement & Strategic Priorities

Our Mission

South Jordan City provides service-oriented, responsible government, consistent with the community’s values, priorities, and expectations for a high quality of life, enhancing the City’s fiscal health, providing professional and innovative services, and managing the City’s resources, while planning for the future.

Our Vision

We are a family-oriented community, founded upon principles of accountability, integrity, industry, and innovation with an unwillingness to compromise in securing a sustainable environment for future generations.

Our Values

South Jordan City employees hold the following service values:

  • Integrity: We do the right thing, even when no one is looking.
  • Service: We listen, understand, and deliver.
  • Professionalism: We are committed to be the best.
  • Communication: We are respectful and collaborative.
  • Excellence: We continue to raise the bar on our performance.

Strategic Priorities

Strategic priorities bring life to the City’s budget and provide an easy guide for residents to align their taxes to measured outcomes. The City has long honored its commitment to maintaining outstanding community programs and services by employing a highly productive team who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service as well as budgeting and expending funds in a fiscally conservative manner.

South Jordan City promotes a strong safety culture for the entire community and its workforce.

SC-1. PROTECTS the public while fostering personal safety and security while providing education throughout the community

SC-2. RESPONDS to emergencies and calls for service and listens to concerns

SC-3. ENFORCES the law respectfully and without prejudice

SC-4. DELIVERS a safe and reliable public and private infrastructure system

SC-5. ENGAGES the entire community to share in the responsibility for its safety, health and well-being

South Jordan City plans, constructs, and maintains reliable infrastructure and public facilities that align with community needs.

RPI-1. PLANS & COORDINATES with other stakeholders for quality public infrastructure (e.g. streets, culinary and secondary water, storm water, parks, trails, open space and public facilities)

RPI-2. DEVELOPS quality public infrastructure.

RPI-3. MAINTAINS & OPERATES quality public infrastructure.

RPI-4. ENSURES funding from multiple stakeholders to effectively plan, develop, staff and operate quality public infrastructure

South Jordan City establishes and implements clear, effective, and necessary regulations to protect the health, safety and welfare of the community.

BRE-1. DEVELOPS effective, well-balanced and consistently applied ordinances and policies

BRE-2. IMPLEMENTS ordinances and policies that encourage quality community growth and development

BRE-3. EDUCATES & ENGAGES the members of the community developing a sense of shared responsibility and community pride

BRE-4. ENFORCES ordinances and policies with adequate staffing to maintain a clean, orderly and sustainable community

South Jordan City promotes a strong sense of place by providing parks, trails, open space, and a variety of art, cultural and recreational opportunities.

DAOS-1. DEVELOPS a quality parks, trails and recreation facilities system

DAOS-2. MAINTAINS and operates a quality parks, trails and recreation system

DAOS-3. PRESERVES the community’s heritage and culture for today’s and future generations

DAOS-4. OFFERS a variety of park amenities, recreation and art programs and community events for all ages and abilities

DAOS-5. PARTNERS with community stakeholders to maintain and expand park, art and recreational opportunities

South Jordan City promotes economic development by facilitating efforts with employers and developers to increase the City’s tax base for a sustainable future.

ED-1. EXPANDS, ATTRACTS & RETAINS a diverse mix of high quality employers to contribute to the community’s economic sustainability and offer opportunities for employment

ED-2. PROMOTES the community as a safe, attractive and quality place to live, work and play

ED-3. ENHANCES a dynamic, sustainable and diversified tax base, balancing taxes, fees and charges

ED-4. ESTABLISHES a predictable and efficient development process that fosters a high degree of collaboration and coordination within the community and with diverse stakeholders

ED-5. ENSURES a quality public infrastructure network that meets the needs of future economic growth objectives

South Jordan City promotes a sustainable community by planning for growth while aligning its resources.

SG-1. IMPLEMENTS effective policies and programs to ensure the accomplishment of the General Plan and its related goals and objectives while using a variety of financial tools (e.g. RDA housing funds) to ensure diverse and affordable housing types

SG-2. CREATES & SUPPORTS environmentally sustainable programs including water conservation, recycling, energy conservation, and air quality improvement to ensure the financial well-being and long-term sustainability of the community

SG-3. DEVELOPS future water resources through a variety of innovative methods

SG-4. ENHANCES and maintains public transportation networks (e.g. TRAX, Frontrunner, I-15, MVC, Bangerter, U-111) ensuring long-term needs are incorporated into growth plans

South Jordan City promotes an engaged and informed community through a variety of effective methods to inform, educate, and connect with its residents.

EC-1. RESPONDS to the needs and concerns of the community in a prompt, transparent, professional, respectful and ethical manner

EC-2. ENSURES open, two-way communication, by listening to and soliciting feedback from community members

EC-3. PROVIDES opportunities to engage and serve, informing and involving the community through a variety of methods

EC-4. FOSTERS a feeling of community pride, acceptance of others, and a sense of shared responsibility

South Jordan City provides fiscally efficient and effective governance through best practices, innovation, program evaluation, competitive pay, professionalism and continuous improvement.

FRG-1. Workforce: ATTRACTS, motivates, develops and retains a high-quality, engaged and productive workforce

FRG-2. Transparency: FOSTERS fiscal responsibility, operational excellence, trust and transparency by ensuring accountability, efficiency and innovation in all operations

FRG-3. Resource Alignment: PROTECTS, manages, optimizes and invests in its human, financial, physical and technological resources to ensures alignment with planning and budget

FRG-4. Regulatory Compliance: ASSURES regulatory and policy compliance to minimize and mitigate risk

FRG-5. Communication: PROVIDES responsive and accessible leadership, facilitates timely and effective two-way communication and utilizes input from all stakeholders

FRG-6. Vision & Planning: SUPPORTS decision-making with timely and accurate short-term and long-range analysis that enhances vision and planning.