Occupant Billing Form

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  • The City of South Jordan’s policy requires all bills to be in the property owner’s name. A copy of this bill will be sent to the property owner each month. However, City policy does allow the property owner to authorize a copy of the bill to be sent to the occupant of the home.

    If you desire to have a copy of your bill sent to the renter, please keep several important factors in mind:

    1. This WILL NOT remove the responsibility for payment from the owner. If the renter fails to pay the bills, the City of South Jordan will expect you, as the owner, to make sure that the account is paid. This means you will also incur the attendant fees if this account is sent to collections.

    2. If you wish to have your occupant receive a copy of the bill, two bills will be sent - one to you (as the owner) and one to the location address.

    3. The property owners CID is needed to make online payments or set up auto-pay. This form authorizes the City to supply the property owners CID to the renter.

    4. The water service to this residence may be disconnected when, after notice to the occupant the account remains unpaid.

    5. In case of discontinuance of service, all reconnect fees and charges, in addition to the full amount of the delinquent bill must be paid prior to having service restored.

    6. The owner of the property will contact the City of South Jordan Utility Billing department regarding any change in status of this account.

    Should you decide to allow the occupant to receive a copy your monthly utility billing statement for your rental property, please complete the information on the lower portion of this form, and sign below.
  • **Please be aware that the Occupant/property manager’s bill will have a different CID. The renter/property manager will need the Owner’s CID in order to make payments online or through their bank’s bill payment system. This form authorized the City to supply the property owner’s CID to the renter/property manager.

  • Please read the following statement before signing below:
    I certify that all information contained on this form is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that misrepresentation or omission of facts in this form may cause my water to be disconnected - with the associated fees added to my account -until all issues are resolved.
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