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Update – 5:00 p.m. 10/23/19

The City has received the test reports back from Chemtech-Ford Laboratories and all samples have come back safe to drink and use. We still understand residents may have a concern with skin issues and we have been working with the Salt Lake County Health Department. If you would like to help the Salt Lake County Health Department gather information, please fill out the self report form and provide the information that the Salt Lake County Health Department needs.  Click here to report symptoms.

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Update – 9:00 a.m. 10/23/19

The City is waiting for testing results this morning and will report them as soon as possible. The form for the Salt Lake County Health Department is now available. We are asking residents to self report any symptoms they have had and how long they’ve had them. Please fill out this form so the City and Health Department can know the scope of any health concerns. Click here to report symptoms.

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Update – 3:00 p.m. 10/22/19

Samples have been delivered to Chemtech-Ford Laboratories. Results should be back sometime tomorrow. Check back here for updates.

Update – 9:00 a.m. 10/22/19

Due to resident concerns about Chromium 6, the City collected water samples from multiple sites and sent them to an independent lab yesterday, which reported that the tests came up as non-detectable. However, since residents are concerned about skin issues, the City invited Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District as a third party to do their own independent testing. They will be testing at the four sites in red on the map below. The City will be collecting samples at 14 additional sites today and sending them to an independent lab. South Jordan will be testing at distribution sites in and out of homes of residents. Those sites are indicated with green dots on the map below. The additional tests the City will conduct today are as follows:

  1. PH testing*
  2. Alkalinity testing
  3. Full metal testing
  4. Additional Chromium 6 testing
  5. Additional Chlorine* and Fluoride testing

*This testing is done by employees who are state certified water operators on site for accurate results.

Update – 9:00 p.m. 10/21/19

In response to the resident’s water quality concerns in Daybreak, we are attaching a map of the three locations where samples were collected by city staff and delivered to a third party private lab, Chemtech-Ford Laboratories to conduct the testing. To ensure public concerns are being addressed, we are having a separate entity collect water samples throughout Daybreak at various locations tomorrow morning. Upon collection they will deliver the samples collected to a private lab to confirm non-detectable results for Chromium 6. We will keep residents posted as results are received.

The Water Department conducted additional testing for Chlorine and Fluoride at the three sample locations, which concluded the water is well within EPA acceptable range levels.

Original Article – 4:00 p.m. 10/21/19

We received notice from residents concerned about the potential presence of Chromium-6 in South Jordan City’s water supply. All of our water in South Jordan City comes from the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District. While the City had no reason to believe there should be an issue with our water supply, we take residents’ concerns seriously, and within 24 hours of the initial concerned social media post, tested and confirmed that the water is safe to use. The City’s water department proactively took samples from a source metering station for the Daybreak area and also from two residential water sources and sent them for testing at a third-party lab. According to the test results document, levels of Chromium-6 were “ND” for non-detectable. We take concerns like this seriously and appreciate those who contacted the City. If residents have any further questions or concerns, they can contact the City at 801-446-HELP.